Ok Here Goes, 33 with weight issues working on making me the best version of me. My hair colour is constantly changing.

TASH rach

I am married to the kindest person on the planet who loves the quirks and ridiculousness that makes me me. We met in high school and were good pals, we remet when I was 26 and there it was true love never thought it would find me. He is the cheese to my macaroni. We have no kiddies yet- still not sure if we can have them but are proud parents to our pugalier Molly and our pug Glen Coco.

with the hubby on saturday night

I blog about losing weight- gaining health and balance of lifestyles, mental health and general everyday life. I am nostalgic and sentimental. I am a frequent complimenter and am rarely cranky unless I come across the openly ignorant or judgemental then I get a bit fiery.

I’m a fan of lipstick the bolder the better, Realistic Optimist, Daydreamer, Wannabe Writer, Annoyingly Diplomatic, Vintage Fan, Film buff, Photographic memory, Random Quoter, Musical lover and fan of singing Disney songs in the shower.

molly and me

I’m a Good Listener, Chatterbox, Defender of the Innocent- total superhero my cape just didn’t go with this outfit, Pug Mumma, Water Baby, Slurpee Addict, Champion Distracter, Overthinker, Easily distra…..ooo something shiny.

we cry so we can smile

I like to find the funny and prefer to be a cheerleader rather than a criticiser. I’m an aunty to many and cannot wait to be a mum, hopefully it happens for us.

hazza pozza


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