Guess Who’s Back

Guess who’s back, back again
Rachel’s back, tell a friend

I once read that a true writer writes what they know. With me it has always been to write honestly. My blog has always spoken the truth or at least my version of it so when a long time ago I made a massive life changing decision that I didn’t feel ready to shout to the world I stopped blogging. Withholding the truth felt the same as lying in my eyes and so I thought I would miss a week, miss a month and then it came to right now typing this to realise I haven’t blogged since April… oops my bad.

So what was this decision that caused my accidental hiatus from blogging? I made a decision about something I had previously decided not to do. I chose to have Gastric Sleeve surgery. I made this decision knowing that I would probably get judged but seriously I’m a fat chic we’re used to the judgement so I view it this way…. I’m happy to be judged for making an informed health related decision that can only make my health better and make it more likely that I will be able to have babies.

Because I am the person who is completely upfront about things I thought I would include all the details incase others are interested in having the surgery and want an insiders perspective. I had my surgery through the OClinic under Dr Craig Taylor for the all inclusive price of $9000 (as a private patient in a public hospital- I accessed the funds from my super by the way). For this price I get complete access to the bariatician (Angela LOVE her), the dietician and the psychologist not to mention the man himself Dr Taylor. He is no nonsense and straight talking but also kind all whilst bearing more than a passing resemblance to Bradley Cooper. I looked at all the options I knew people who had gone with him and other doctors but in the end this is a MAJOR life changing decision and when I walked into the OClinic I just knew I was in the right place- for starters the chairs didn’t have arms hehe.

sendig off my super info

sending off my super info

This process has felt like it has gone forever my super release forms were submitted in April and I started my Opti phase in August. Any sleever will tell you the evilness of the Opti stage. Mine went for 4 weeks. The first week was the worst, the shakes literally made me vomit I just couldn’t handle the texture and the soup was even worse but the bars ahhhh they saved me. Have you ever noticed how much food related advertising there is? Trust me when you’re going through withdrawals and craving anything food related and you’re at the point where you’re even dreaming about food you seriously wanna punch food advertisers in the face. Did I cheat? Um yeah….. not a lot but lets just say there was some curried sausages I didn’t even chew them I’m sure I inhaled them.

yep not a shakes girl

yep not a shakes girl

bars much better

bars much better

My surgery was in September- no complications went well the pain wasn’t too horrendous, the nausea totally sucked and I made a surgery buddy (once you’ve burped and almost vomited together you’re bonded). The healing process felt long but really wasn’t and so here i am nearly 5 weeks out from surgery and 35 kilos down well on my way in this incredible journey whilst trying to learn how to eat slower and to adjust to the fact that 3 mouthfuls makes me full.

hospital rach with the crazy hair

hospital rach with the crazy hair

Has it been easy? No and I have long ways to go. Anyone who tells you that surgery is the easy way is ignorant. I had 2 thirds of my stomach removed nothing about that is easy but I can say this- I have no regrets.

so far

so far

so far

so far

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32 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. Good for you, gorgeous girl! That is some massive surgery right there and I trust you on what you say about those shakes. They sound gross. I’m so glad you’ve been able to make this positive change in your life. It’s so great to see your smiling face back online. Go girl x

  2. I have a friend contemplating this surgery, I’ll pass this on to him. I’m glad it went well for you and bugger and judgy idiots- you’ve made an informed choice, which is more than they can say if they choose to judge!

  3. I had Dr Taylor also, he Is awesome as are all the staff at Oclinic. I also loved my stay in Concord, all the staff were lovely, thank you all for allowing me the opportunity in life to change in such a positive & great way xx

  4. WOW! Firstly welcome back!! Secondly congratulations on such a huge life decision!! The happiness in that smile speaks volumes about what this means to you. You look amazing, you have always looked amazing, and I am so happy to be reading your words again xx

  5. I think you’re so awesome for making this decision, even more so because you did it despite what people think, and you had the courage to change your mind.
    Now you’ll have to stop calling yourself a fat chick. May I suggest awesome chick or something similar? xxx

  6. I wondered where you’d been! Congratulations on having the courage to go ahead with such a massive lifestyle change. I know it’s not easy, I had a boss once that had that surgery and she had me prepped to give her Coke if she started choking on a mouthful … luckily it never happened in my presence anyway! You’re looking good and hopefully feeling a lot better for it!

    TeamIBOT xxx

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