Time- Conversations Over Coffee

If you’re lost you can look – and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you – I’ll be waiting
Time after time

When the golden haired girl was graduating from high school her mother wrote her a letter. A disclosure of wisdom, of life thoughts and in it her mother explained to her that life was like those years at school…. some years are great and some not so good but most just go by far too quickly.

She didn’t realise how right her mother was and how fast those years would go. How was it possible that she went to bed one night underneath her ballerina quilt cuddling her pound puppy and woke up what felt like the next moment wondering when it was that laughter lines took up residence on her face ( 31 in case you’re wondering).

It’s been 15 years since she finished high school…. when did that happen? To her that seems surreal like the moment when she realised her friends were having babies on purpose and that declarations of “I’m pregnant” were no longer met with worry and the question “What are you going to do”.

Time it seems has flown superspeed and in some ways the now blondish with dark regrowth woman still feels like an infant a child in fancy dress playing pretend grown ups. That is until she hangs around with people who are the age she feels like she is and then she realises how grateful she is that her 20’s are over.

How the years have changed her, have changed the world around her, the people around her and she likes that the future is full of new and exciting possibilities and inventions she would quietly admit she misses several things about the 90’s…

She misses:

  • the music
  • the make up (um vamp lips were awesome)
  • the shoes (talk about comfort)
  • and the body glitter

But mostly she feels grateful for the time she gets …..everyday of it.


Linking up with the gorgeous Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee


4 thoughts on “Time- Conversations Over Coffee

    • I remember my mum freaking out and thinking I was going to get glitter in my eyes….. oh and hair mascara… she wouldn’t let me use it so instead I highlighted my hair with actual highlighters…. which was great until it rained.

  1. I’ve brought body glitter back in, so you don’t need to miss it anymore – it’s a thing (if only in my small circle of the world).
    I love this: she feels grateful for the time she gets …..everyday of it. It’s the most important thing in life. And a real blessing if you can genuinely achieve it. (And I’m with your mum, it all goes by much to fast!!)

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