Magic- Conversations Over Coffee

Do you remember the first kiss?
Stars shooting across the sky
To come to such a place as this
You never left my mind

She can remember how it felt that moment.

The way her hand felt like lead if he so much as brushed it.

A glance, a smile and eyes that seem to search for each other.

A gaze held. Cheeks burning.

Before her mind has time to compute the natural instincts of her body.

Their bodies move closer.

Their faces move closer.

Their lips touch.


A kiss

Her first


She was sitting in a coffee shop in another country.

He was at the table next to hers.

Eyes locked.

An offer of a coffee.

A laugh, a flutter.


Love, her first

Or so she thought


An old friend

A catch up and a drive

Butterflied Tummy, Electric Touch

A kiss

A love

A ring

A vow

A promise


The purest


Linking up with the beautiful Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee – Conversations with Magic



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