Lick it Good

When a Mumma comes along

You must Lick it

When her foot moves out of the way

You must Lick it

There’s a towel

Lick it

There’s a mat

Lick it

There’s my tail

Chase it

There’s daddys shoes

Lick it good

Devo Inspired by Molly the Pugalier

The signs are all there that I am about to be abandoned.

The rumbly space machine in the room where my food is seems to be tossing daddys bright shirts again making them clean after I worked so hard to get them all suitably covered in fur.

Mummys food carrier is near the front door again (what else could she carry in there besides the food that I will give her pleading looks to feed me…..I think she has her keys in there too).

That wretched loud BEEP BEEP BEEP rings out in the darkness breaking me out of my 21st hour of sleep out of the last 24. Uh oh I know what that means. Daddy is going to “WORK”.

I don’t know what this “WORK” is but I don’t like it. It means mummy and daddy will be out of the house all day and I will be left all be myself trust me it’s not the party it seems.

daddy snuggles

daddy snuggles

Daddy gets up and when he isn’t looking I sneak into the bed and snuggle up behind mummys knees nice and warm maybe mummy isn’t going to WORK maybe we will have a girl day when daddy leaves. Ahhh mummy cuddles.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP again that noise 3 hours later. NOOOOOOOO this means mummy is leaving me too. I lay across her maybe if I lay on her she won’t be able to leave. Dammit she got loose. My plan is thwarted

I give her the big beautiful eyes… the ones that have gotten me pieces of bacon before. Mummy looks sad and says to me “Molly do you think I wouldn’t rather stay here with you? Now eat your nutri grain”. Uh oh I made mummy mad.

how do you say no to my eyes?

how do you say no to my eyes?

What I don’t understand is why it can’t just stay the way it’s been these last 2 weeks. I have had mummy and daddy both all day. We went on long walks and car trips and cuddles, long snuggles and day naps. Did I mention the ham? There was lots and lots of ham. I like ham.

The only downside was the massive tree in the lounge room which stopped me from being able to bark at the neighbours cats and protect mummy and daddy from them but still I found a way even if it meant getting stuck behind the couch a few times and daddy having to free me….totally worth it so that those cats know to not mess with me.

Mummy says they were home because of something called Christmas. I wish it was Christmas everyday. Christmas is good- WORK is bad. Now if you’ll excuse me I have paws to lick, cats to bark at and carpet to shed on all before they get home from WORK.

never mess with a pugalier in a christmas bandanna

never mess with a pugalier in a christmas bandanna

*Yes I wrote this from the perspective of Molly my pugalier…. I figure I read about everyones kids and this could be a good way to read about mine 🙂

** Linking up with the beautiful Jess for a little bit of light hearted fun and also cause I Blog on Tuesdays.


16 thoughts on “Lick it Good

  1. Oh it’s so cute! We’ve taken our dog out a few more times on the holidays, and today he got most upset we didn’t put him in the car. Grocery shopping is not really his thing though. 🙂

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