Pineapple Head

Sleeping alone
For pleasure, the pineapple head
It spins and it spins
Like a number I hold
Don’t remember if she was my friend
It was a long time ago

I recently made a mistake. Like all mistakes I had to live with the consequences.

If it was an accidental mistake I maybe could have forgiven myself but the truth is I knew better and still allowed myself to get swept up and behave spontaneously and foolishly.

As is always the case when I blog I have vowed to be completely unfailingly honest and so it is this honesty that leads me to confess to you my mistake….

You see I attempted to dye my own hair blonde.  Attempted is the most important word is this sentence.

My hair if you remember was a red so what on earth made me think I could go blonde I don’t know. I think I honestly expected it to go like a light brown.

perfectly acceptable hair colour

perfectly acceptable hair colour

Only it didn’t.

It went blonde.

Well if you think the colour of a pineapple donut is a shade of blonde. It went blonde.

what did I do?

what did I do?

I’m not kidding…. I glowed.

Poor hubby tried to be supportive “it doesn’t look that bad” was the best he could muster followed by “gee it’s really bright”.

The worst part is I did this on a Tuesday night the night of my last IBOT post cause I was feeling uplifted and positive.

I even burnt my scalp

I even burnt my scalp

I couldn’t get in to see my hairdresser until Thursday night so I had to go to work like that.

For 2 whole days.

One of my best gal pals saw it and laughed until she cried.

To be fair I did too cause it was freaking hilarious and because I was the fool who did it to myself.

My hairdresser used expletives and then a magic wand well she must have because 2 and a half hours later my fried yellow mop was a mix of caramel and blonde highlights.

the before and after

the before and after

It has to be said I am loving my hair sick right now.

So when I think of the lesson I have learnt from all this and the wise words of those who have gone before me I impart you with this wisdom “when in doubt….DON’T”.



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13 thoughts on “Pineapple Head

  1. It looks fabulous now, so all’s well that ends well – but a friend did a similar thing, so I have learnt never to go lighter with a home dye – dark colours are fine….(you look very glam now!)

  2. On behalf of IBOT, I would like to formally apology for turning you into a pineapple donut. 🙂
    Hairdresser’s are honestly the most amazing people. I have been saved many a time by one. You’re hair looks lovely. xx

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad this had a happy ending for you! I think most of us have been the architect of our own hair disasters at some stage. Your hairdresser is definitely a miracle worker because it looks fantastic!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous now! One of my friends went to a hairdresser and managed to walk out with your before photo. She is livid and the hairdresser did so much damage to her poor hair that she can’t even fix it yet!

  5. Thank goodness you got in to the hairdresser in only 2 days. Just long enough to make the lesson stick ; )but not long enough to drive you to cut all your hair off lol. Love the look beautiful xxx

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