Long Island Ice Teas – Conversations with a stranger

The golden haired girl was now a young woman and was for the first time experiencing true heartbreak. She did all the regular things that young woman do while trying to mend their broken hearts. She bought shoes that she would never wear, she cried herself to sleep and  made the bold choice of bright pink streaks in her golden hair. It was safe to say she was a walking  cliche.

After 2 weeks of her mourning period her best friend told her enough was enough that the guy wasn’t that big a loss, that she could do way better and nothing could heal her like long island ice teas, red lipstick and a night of dancing with her gay boys.

She resisted at first wanting to stay warm in her cocoon of pyjamas and misery. Her best friend persisted and she found her resistance  fading. Why not she thought anything has to better than this.

So she went and she danced and she watched a drag show and had 3 men tell her how fabulous her boobs were(all gay of course). She also proceeded to attempt to fill the void in her heart with long island ice teas.

At 2am the bar was shutdown for 10 minutes she found herself on a bar stool next to an older looking gentleman(in reality he would’ve been 40 in the gay world he may as well have been 100). He caught her eye and smiled then:

“Your friends have no idea do they?”

“Excuse me ?”

“Well you seem to be doing the best you can to hide the fact that you’re completely miserable, the smile on your face doesn’t seem to be reaching your eyes”.

Normally the golden haired girl would take this cue to exit from a stranger who had already made himself to familiar but on this night she was intrigued and her feet were aching obviously from the wrong shoe choice.

“How do you know?”

“Misery loves company and I’m assuming you’re suffering from some kind of heartache yourself”.

What occurred after this statement was a conversation that went for over 3 hours. It was to this day one of the most intimate conversations the golden haired girl has ever had. Like some kind of serendipitous tragedy that these 2 suffering from the indignation of being dumped was somehow fortunate enough to find a strangers shoulder to cry on.

After the 3 hours her friends approached wanting to go home. Her new friend(whose name she never learned) approached the designated driver and told him to take special care of the precious cargo he was carrying.

He hugged her he kissed her on the cheek and he told her that he loved her and to her up most disbelief she found herself saying it back and meaning it.

Even now she doesn’t remember what he looked like or what he sounded like she just remembers the black jacket he was wearing, those long island ice teas and the fact that his words helped heal her when she felt that would never be possible.

yep I thought the pink streaks were so hardcore

yep I thought the pink streaks were so hardcore

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4 thoughts on “Long Island Ice Teas – Conversations with a stranger

  1. Wow. What a chance meeting. It must have felt good but a little scary to have someone see through you like that. A chance meeting? Sounds more like a guardian angel in disguise.

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