Oh When Will I be Thin

An easter egg or 2 or 3

A great big glass of Iced Tea

Some dip, some crackers and some brie

Oh when will I be thin?


Some soup with toast and butter please

Some fresh greek salad with feta cheese

A slurpee that guarantees brain freeze

Oh when will I be thin?


Exercise bah it’s too cold

My body is tired I’m feeling old

My legs feel like they’re made of solid gold

Oh when will I be thin?


I need to make my body move

I need to play the music and let my hips groove

So that my health and fitness will improve

Maybe then I will be thin…


More litres of water I need to drink

More movement and less time to think

Then my body will start to shrink

This is about more than being thin


To be truly proud of the way I look

To take pride in the food I cook

To exercise without feeling crook

Maybe then my life will truly begin…..which is worth so much more than being thin.


Linking up with the gorgeous Jess because I Blog On Tuesday



47 thoughts on “Oh When Will I be Thin

  1. You my lovely friend are brilliant. Glad it ended the way it did (I was worried for 3 seconds) 💋 deb

  2. This was very cool.
    For what it’s worth I am thin, and yet still have to learn to take pride in the way I look. That sort of self confidence isn’t just about size unfortunately. Hope you get there sooner xx

  3. Loved that Rachel I feel your pain honey we just need to stay focused my doctor said to me once that if I lose 1lb a week then that’s 4 stone in a year and it’s better to come off slowly than too fast. Keep up the good work your looking fabulous xx

  4. Wonderful poem! I have been a variety of sizes and while my body at the moment is not as toned as it was 12 – 18 months ago, I love it and that’s what is important.

  5. I love Brie and crackers and wine so hard! I think we could be friends 😉 food is awesome. I refuse to deprive myself of delight.
    You’re totally gorgeous just as. I love this positive post, it made my heart sing. Thanks for the positive message.

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