Very Mild Superpowers- Conversations Over Coffee

I’m not a hero
But I’m not a freak
I just have…

Very mild superpowers
Very mild superpowers
Like sometimes when I’m cycling
With headphones on
I can predict exactly where I’ll be
At the end of a song

I have this amazing ability. I don’t want to freak you out but……

I generally get a feeling that someone is pregnant before they tell anyone. I just get a feeling or have a random dream.

Like the girl I went to uni with and hadn’t seen for at least 5 years. I sent her a message on fb saying “Hi Kim this might sound silly but I had a random dream about you last night so if you are pregnant congratulations and if you’re not sorry for this ridiculous message.” Her response was “wow I’m 11 weeks we’re just about to start telling people”.

Freaky huh?

But it doesn’t stop there I can generally guess the gender correctly as well.

I’m not kidding I literally picked up a cute baby girl outfit a few months ago and thought to myself “it’s a pity Sharon is having a boy” the next day Sharon found out she was having a boy.

I also am pretty good at predicting the end of tv shows and who the killer is in those slasher movies.

I know I know it’s overwhelming I should totally get a cape.

Rach superpower

Linking up with the Gorgeous Josefa for Conversations over Coffee- Conversations with Superpowers


6 thoughts on “Very Mild Superpowers- Conversations Over Coffee

  1. You should totally get a cape!! I can predict when someone is pregnant too – very weird, and freaky and unsettling – wish I could have predicted my own pregnancies though – that would have saved quite some anxiety 😉 Thank you as always for linking up to #convocoffee Josefa

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