Got My First Real Sex Dream

I have to confess I am a fan of singing loud and proud……I have no inherent singing ability….I’m not tone death I can keep a tune but in terms of singing ability I am Holly Valance Lip Syncing at the ARIAs. This however does not stop me singing… in the car….in the shower (Disney and Broadway tunes are a shower specialty) and during episodes of Glee.

One particular day in the car I was with Chris and an absolute classic came on Bryan Adams Summer of 69. There I was singing my heart out when Chris suddenly turned down the volume and asked me what I had just sung. “Um I had my first real sex dream” it must have taken everything he had not to laugh straight in my face.

“Sweety you know those aren’t the lyrics don’t you?”

“What no what are they?”

“I got my first real six string”

“Well what the hell is a six string?”

“A guitar”

“Well that makes sense….also brings a nicer image to mind when singing played it til my fingers bled.”

When Bryan Adams Summer of 69 comes on now you know what I do? I still sing my version I can’t help it.

Mondegreens are common- they are misheard lyrics. One of the most famous ones is from Elton Johns Tiny Dancer…the line is “Hold me closer tiny dancer” but a lot of people commonly sing “Hold me closer Tony Danza”.

But my favourite of all time was one that a friend admitted to….instead of “Cheap wine and a 3 day growth” she sincerely thought the lyrics were “Cheap wine and 3 gay goats”.

Do you ever sing song lyrics wrong?

SO gangsta in my sweater vest

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28 thoughts on “Got My First Real Sex Dream

  1. That’s really funny and I’ve never heard that one before. I couldn’t resist clicking on the title of this post and even though it wasn’t what I expected it gave me a laugh šŸ™‚

  2. Now that is a cracker! Thinking back on her he rest of the lyrics of that song within the context of your version, I can imagine it would have been very confusing! Lol! I always mishear lyrics, but I can never think of them when people so! The only one I remember is that when I was a kid I used to sing and think it was “Love is in your hair” rather than in the air!

    P.S loving your header xx

  3. Haha of course I do my sisters 1st husband was called Francis or Fran as we called him and every time the song ….oh can’t remember the name but the lyrics are “let’s go to San Fransisco where the flowers grow” you know that one well we used to sing lets go to San Frans Disco it used to annoy the life out of him…..sadly he’s no longer here but I still sing that line every time.

  4. I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing… oh okay then, I’m peeing my pants! That is gold! I’m a shocker for making up my own lyrics but none quite as hilarious as a sex dream šŸ˜‰

  5. OMG I think we might know the same person. Paul convinced his kids that those were the lyrcis to Cheap Wine and his son didn’t know they weren’t up until a couple of years ago. I sing them that way because now that’s all I can hear lol.

  6. That’s gold! The first few times I heard Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” I thought the lyrics were “I’ve got candy in my ears tonight Big Ben” when they are “I’ve got canned heat in my heels tonight baby”. Yep, I think we’ve all been there… LOVE your new header – looking very nice x

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