Where You Lead- A Conversation with Expectations

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead

I’ll never forget the time my sister was on the phone to my mum and my mum didn’t realise I was there as well. My sister had her on speaker phone and my mum said the following words ” Rachel just expects too much of everyone”. I can’t describe how much those words hit me, hurt me and stuck with me but I can tell you why they did.  For starters nobody ever wants to think of people talking about them behind their backs and secondly I never did think I expected too much of anyone in particular my family respect and love maybe that’s it.

Something in me changed in that moment, some additional stubborness crept in and I decided not to expect ANYTHING of ANYBODY. I realise now with a few more years of wisdom behind me how ridiculous the concept of no expectations is. Sure with low or no expectations there is a smaller risk of people disappointing you but I think it takes away the joy of exceeding expectations in particular your own.

The times that I have done best in my life have been when people didn’t think I could….there is a satisfaction in proving people wrong or better yet proving yourself right but there does come a time when your constant need to one up yourself leads to a need to control every situation.

I have been struggling lately with a female issues for the last 6 weeks, I am tired and emotional and drained and yet I am continuing to try to do everything I am trying to be Superwoman. Yesterday I failed at something….nothing important but it led to tears…I expected too much of myself….then I had an issue with a client….more tears……expectations smashed into oblivion.

I let myself surrender to the sadness if only for a few minutes I gave in and cried and when I let go of the reigns you know what happened my husband came to my rescue, without being asked or nagged or “expected” to. He found a solution, I never expected him to do that or to have to.

I guess my mother was wrong I don’t expect too much of people…….just me.

<Linking up with the gorgeous Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee>


8 thoughts on “Where You Lead- A Conversation with Expectations

  1. What beautiful words lovely. There is so much that I can relate to in this. The sting of people talking about you and then saying that they think you expect too much from them – is quite hard and hurtful. It sounds like you and your husband have an amazing bond together and that the love you guys share is all that you need in life – which is such a precious thing. Thank you for always linking up your lovely words to #convocoffee Josefa

  2. What a great man you have! I can imagine how hard that must have been to hear those words. I can almost feel the sting for you. Try to go easy on yourself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with surrendering yourself to sadness every now and then. A good cry sure helps me sometimes. Hope you get your issues sorted out soon love x

  3. Expectations are such a tricky thing aren’t they? One of those can’t live without them and sometimes can’t live with them.
    So sorry to hear of your struggles lovely. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  4. I think there is something in letting go of our own expectations of ourselves that makes way for other people to help us even when we weren’t expecting it – sounds like your hubby was right where he needed to be for you. I reckon when we surrender to the sadness we also make room for the happiness. X

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