Jen Fell Down

I just met you

And this is Crazy

But here’s my number

BFF’s maybe?

I know I previously wrote a post about Kate – the Duchess and how we could be besties but that ship has royally sailed (yep I went there and once I was there I heard the boom tish of the failed joke).

Dear Jennifer,

Is it ok if I call you Jen? I could call you JLAW but that just seems so false, so contrived a name created by those pesky paparazzi and we’re past that after all I have seen you completely naked if you don’t count the blue body paint.

Sorry if this seems weirdo stalkerish it’s just that we have so much in common. You starred in The Hunger Games and I saw it, plus I’ve read the books as well. Surely that should earn me some bonus points.

Moving on to the other things we have in common. You starred in Silver Linings Playbook and I saw it. Plus it had an Australian in it and I’m Australian too see it’s like we’re practically sisters.

Recently you blew me away with your Jersey accent in American Hustle and though I have never actually been to America I did have a pen friend from Jersey plus your pal Bradley Cooper had a perm in it and most days my hair resembles a bad perm.

But the thing that makes me certain that you and I would make awesome besties is our clumsiness. I’ve never fallen down at the Oscars (twice) but then I wonder if you have ever partially amputated your thumb on a dog food can or grated your thumb nail off on a cheese grater look this isn’t a game of who is more accident prone – even though it’s obvious that I am (geez I can’t stand competitive people).

We both seem to also have a tendency to speak before we think so let me just get this out….on the offchance you don’t want to be my bestie can you please pass my number onto Jennifer Garner or Chrissie Swan.

Thunder Buddies for life,

Rach xxx



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24 thoughts on “Jen Fell Down

  1. Lol. Very cute Rach. I reckon Jen would be an awesome mate. I can just picture you standing next to her at the Oscars posing for Bradley Cooper’s selfie 🙂

  2. Oh Rach, I hate to break it to you but I’m not sure you can be besties with Jennifer Lawrence. You see, Jen and I are in an exclusive best friendship.. in my mind. Please tell me you have sent this letter for real?! It would be so great

  3. Can I please come and hang out with both of you? I have a strapped ankle to prove my clumsiness, and I also have seen all those moves and read THG trilogy twice. We could all be bests together?

  4. Another thing in common. I am a wreck. My favourite old peeler died last week and I am slicing nails and skin like nobody’s business. My knee is purple as well from where Evie tripped me by being underfoot (bad doggie lol). You, me and Jen be there or be square

  5. Oh you are funny! I am currently in the market for a new bestie as well…though the fact I am not 100% on who Jen is may work against me.

    Leaving some belated fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

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