Oh Mr Postman

I had this pen friend when I was 8 she lived in New Jersey and did clogging  (to this day I don’t know what clogging is). I remember how excited I was to receive her letters and how exciting it was to write mine…to tell her about my massive family and all about dancing. I wrote to her until my father died and the world seemed to turn upside down.

When I was 16 my best gal pal went to live in Wales for a year and I found myself writing her long long letters full of teenage angst 15 pages of “why doesn’t he want me” (far too much Dawsons Creek I think). She moved there permanently at the end of 2000 and for the first year of uni I continued to write these long heartfelt letters but I seemed to stop after a while.

I LOVE the internet I don’t think you will find a blogger who doesn’t but part of me wonders if this super quick information highway has taken away the joy of putting pen to paper for the convenience of email and facebook messaging.

I had to write a letter last week for a project I am involved in and found myself loving it so much I couldn’t stop I wrote one to my best gal pal and then also wrote one to her 8 year old daughter in the hope that it will make her feel special when she opens it like those early letters made me feel.

I have been fighting the food cravings sometimes major this week but when that pen touches paper it’s like the world disappears and it’s just me and my thoughts and words spilling onto the pages before me. I have already planned all the letters I want to write to people next week, I’m totally going to indulge this craving while I have it- after all it’s way better for me than the junk food cravings.

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? When was the last time you received one?

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24 thoughts on “Oh Mr Postman

  1. Great idea, I cannot remember the last time I wrote a letter. I have been admiring my Instagram friends with there recent letter writing campaigns and thinking I should get involved. Hope the food cravings settle soon. xx

  2. The last letter I got was from the wonderful Me at My Journey,are we there yet? Long time since I wrote one (about a year). I was big on letters but it’s just fallen in a heap, this last 12 months…

  3. Love it. OMG my sentence a day journal recently asked “when was the last letter you received from family” and I wrote “a very long time”. Must get back to letters. I do send random cards to girlfriends to tell them I am thinking of them or check on them etc xx deb

  4. The last time I wrote a letter was to my sister who lives in California (I’m in Australia), it was 2009. Unfortunately my letter was the first and last…we ended up just communicating via internet. There’s nothing I love more than receiving letters in the mail.

  5. Oh wow, I hardly ever even use a pen! I get a sore hand if I have to fill in a form. How sad am I! I think I would be almost lost without spell check these days too.

  6. The last time I wrote a letter was probably when I was prison in 2007. It was a lot cheaper than calling. I still have all of the letters I received from my family as well.
    When I was in highschool my best friend and I used to write each other letters, decorate them with silly drawings, fold them into little parcels and sneak them into each others bags at lunch time. It’s one of the things I miss about highschool.

  7. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter or received one. However, I am a note taker. I prefer to write notes, ideas, rough drafts on paper. I can transfer it online, but it doesn’t feel right if I don’t have pen and paper in hand, first. But I do remember how wonderful I would feel when I was younger, when I received a letter in the mail.

  8. Way too long for me Rach I used to write to my friend who was in hospital with me ..she lived in England so we would write loads and then I got married to my 1st husband and then when I married Ali I used to write and get letters from his sister Anna who lives in Jo burg SA but now it’s emails or Facebook and I used to get really excited when her letters came…. It is such a shame isn’t it …I might just go and write one today and surprise her. X

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