Moments that Changed my Life- Listmania #43

I didn’t realise when I was writing the topic for todays Listmania how detailed these moments could be that each would be able to have a whole blog post dedicated to it…..but that’s not the name of the game for Listmania so I thought I could List very basically the moments that changed my life and then use this as a base for future blog posts when I have writers block 🙂

  • That first dance class.
  • Reading MaryAnne Saves the Day
  • Finding out that my father had cancer
  • Drinking coffee for the first time
  • London
  • Accepting Chris’ friend request on Facebook
  • Losing our Jellybean
  • Saying I do
  • Finding out I had a blood clot

Change is hard, change can be scary but it isn’t always a bad thing.

What were the moments that changed your life? Did they change your life for the good or the bad? Don’t forget to link up below 🙂

The next Listmania will be on February 24th- Listmania #44 and the topic is My Perfect Day.




7 thoughts on “Moments that Changed my Life- Listmania #43

  1. I remember the moment my life changed for the better it was when I saw Alistair for the 1st time and I knew that we would be together (even though I was happily married at the time) it was like someone clicked their fingers and said this is your future husband and then it was gone !! I got to know Ali through my husband as he was a friend of his and over the years we bacame firm friends …my husband used to joke to everyone that we were having an affair ( we weren’t but wished we did) when I split from my husband I didn’t see Ali for a long time as he was engaged and then I met him at the pub one night he told me he called off his engagement and we’ve been together now for 23 years and he’s still my best friend.

  2. oh man, I wish I’d seen this list prompt, what a great one! I actually think I wrote something along these lines a while ago, must see if I can find it. The BIG moments in my life are my parents divorcing, moving to the US (alone) at 18 years of age, Moving to Atlanta 4 years later, marrying, moving home to Australia, having my son. Hoping the next big thing will be getting my Masters degree! Great post Rach!

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