Chocolate Covered Goals

I agreed to do this clean February thing with a friend the other day. She wants to be motivated to be her best self and clean eating she feels is a step in that direction. The rules she determined were as follows:

  • No lollies
  • No Alcohol
  • No “Junk” Food
  • No ice cream
  • No Chocolate

For february….all of February pfft though Rach it’s only 4 weeks surely that is the easiest thing in the world. I’ve already cleaned up my eating so much and I haven’t had a drink since like November so the alcohol part is easy and I never crave sweets I prefer savoury…..alas the body seems to want what it can’t have and I have wanted chocolate and ice cream since I said yes to the challenge. Even typing this I would eat chocolate covered anything right now. Mmmmm Chocolate Keyboard.

So rather than focus on what I can’t have for February I’m going to focus on what my goals are and set myself on achieving them. Striving for the best part of me.

So I guess the most important parts of this is the goal setting part so here are my goals for February:

  • To try out chia seeds and see if I like them because the world is raving about them.
  • To find suitable alternative snacks rather than eating empty calories.
  • To relocate the tall boy from the spare room into my bedroom….in my mind I am the future Nate Berkus interior designer extraordinaire.
  • To present myself physically the best I can each day because it always makes me feel better and more confident.
  • To write more
  • To layby like half the Chrissie Swan line at Big W cause they are totally cute pieces and work suitable.
  • To finish the playlist I am making Chris for Valentines Day of the best love songs of all time (suggestions welcomed though Celine Dion, Shania Twain and that song Amazed will be mocked if anyone suggests them).
  • To work on perfecting the perfect liquid eyelined eye.

What are you working towards this February? Is it chocolate covered?

dripping chocolate

I do not own this pic I’m not sure who owns it I found it on Pinterest but seriously this is what my brain looks like at the moment.

Linking up with the gorgeous Jess from Essentially Jess because I Blog On Tuesdays.


32 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Goals

  1. Hmmm. I am working towards alcohol free weeks (and less on weekends), no sweets, no carbs (they do me in) and getting back to exercise, I am hoping all of that will make me more sound of mind … coz right now I feel totally exhausted and the year has hardly begun!
    Good luck with February! Lucky it’s a short month
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. There’s a Chrissie Swan fashion line? Who would’ve thunk it.

    This Feb I’m working on becoming fitter. I love being in a mindset where it’s not about looks, it’s about health.

    Good luck – at least you don’t have to quit coffee!

    • she does it’s like office wear – very nice from what I can see online and I desperately need some new work clothes. I’m with you on it being about health and thank goodness I get to keep caffeine cause I may die without it xx

  3. Well luckily your hubby works in a health food warehouse I can hook you up with some treats that hopefully taste good 🙂 I just had a packet of organic potato chips no additives preservatives they were delicious but does that count as junk food???

  4. For me February is about keeping it sane! Planning three birthday celebrations, getting ready for an overseas trip plus all the madness that comes with starting the new school year! And after seeing that pic now I want all the chocolate too!! Your goals for Feb and very inspiring, keep us posted how you go lovely xx

  5. My my great minds think alike hehe me too ….not doing a challenge except with myself so hoping it will last all through Feb right up to Sept for when I go visit my good friend Mickey Mouse …..I can hardly move my arms today ….the result of excerise yes that’s what I said ….so I will keep you posted oh by the way 4lbs of this week so I’m doing something right. Xxxx

  6. I’ve set myself a little rule that isn’t too hard..I can only buy junk food if it’s on sale.. I’ve been cutting back on alcohol without even really thinking about it too.

    Good luck with the rest of February!

  7. I’ve set no rules this year because I’ve been sick with morning sickness and will eat whatever stays down. I love chocolate but I haven’t been craving it lately. I love your plan. But what about chocolates on Valentines Day?

  8. Good luck with your clean Feb.
    It’s my birthday this month so there’s no chance I am going to ditch chocolate, cakes OR alcohol.

    However as school has gone back I have returned to my fitness routine I had set up at the end of last year. My plan is to be fitter healthy person.

  9. Just lost my comment – boo 😦 Good luck for your clean eating, your body will thank you for it. And hey, Feb is a short month – easy peasy 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  10. Good luck with your challenge!! I find that as soon as I say I can’t have something I obsess about it. When I cut out drinking Coke and told myself I couldn’t have it I was basically a nutcase. It was all I could think of!
    This month, I have given myself the goal of riding my bike 8kms a week – this week I’ve already done 13, so I feel pretty positive about it!

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