You Got a Friend- Conversations with My Best Friend

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
I’ll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there,
You’ve got a friend.

Matching golden ponytails swinging in the summer sun they could almost be sisters. Bobbsey twins their parents call them. They are friends, the best of, inseperable all year round but especially in summer. Water babies both of them. Hours spent in the sun playing in the pool, Marco Polo, jumping on the trampoline and playing Beverley Hills 90210.

They understand how to support and love each other through the good times and the bad. The golden haired girls father dying and her bobbsey twin facing the repercussions from flushing her brothers socks down the toilet. Their loyalty is unfailing.

As the teenage years embark on them there is some distance that forms but they are still there for the birthdays and the uncanny coincidences. They somehow get matching scores in their School Certificates despite never going to the same school. Having not spoken for a long while who should walk into the same first lecture on the first day of uni.

They are both women now- one still quite golden the other red headed. One is a mother and the other is a wife but the connection is still there, there is an unspoken law that they will always be there for each other, fate it seems would have it no other way.

You’ve Got a Friend

10th grade approaches and the Golden Haired girl obsessed with Dawsons Creek decided that her life lacked drama and a male best friend would be key. It was needless to say a total disaster….hormones and drama are never a good combination. Yet he is still in her life albeit from a distance, she knows he would be there if she needed him.

You’ve Got a Friend

The Golden Haired girl is 3 weeks off being 18 when a stranger an obviously gay stranger vomits at her feet, tells her she has pretty hair and asks if she would like to go on a date.

They bond instantly, they get each others humour and see the world together. They love the same movies, Long Island Iced Teas and are a little addicted to Pop Music.

But sometimes people grow together and sometimes they grow apart. There was hurt on both sides and they both changed as the years went by but that doesn’t take away from the incredible moments they had in their decade of friendship…..perhaps it’s just the end of a chapter not the end of a book.

You’ve Got a Friend

They had known each other since they were 17, known each other without really knowing each other. They went 8 years without talking and then saw each other and it was BAM Thunderclap….love the purest.

They have stayed awake talking about their hopes and their dreams and their fears. He knows her completely. He has her back always. He understands without words and is loyal without question. It is equal, a partnership, the ultimate best friendship one sealed in love and bound by law.

You’ve Got a Friend

A Best Friend

Til Death they do Part

Linking up with the Beautiful Josefa from Always Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee Conversations with My Best Friend.


5 thoughts on “You Got a Friend- Conversations with My Best Friend

  1. I am so sad and so embarrassed that my comment was eaten up from last week 😦 I loved this post on Thursday and I love it more today. I think we often take for granted the love and connection we have with our friends and even sometimes the love of our life. You have such a unique and beautiful way of capturing the simple, yet most powerful connection and love people can share. Thank you for linking up to #convocoffee Josefa xx

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