Free The Cheeseburgers

Dear White Ute Driver and Companion,

You may not remember me it has been quite some time, I was the incredibly obvious carnivore who you called out to as you drove past me walking towards the train station the year before last.

I like to think your comment “Lay off the cheeseburgers” was in reference to your deeply seeded vegan tendencies rather than an act of cruelty to a plus sized woman.That by telling me to lay off the cheeseburgers you were actually participating in an act of expression of meat free existence.

But alas I love the cheeseburgers and so they remain in my life as does my plus size figure and my sense of humour. You see nobody laughs at me because I laugh first….at me cause I am quite frankly a bit of a spaz.

So to the gentleman in the ute I bid you happy days whether they be vegan filled or not because I am the bigger person…………….obviously.

Kind Regards,


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picture courtesy of wikipedia images

picture courtesy of wikipedia images

p.s I should note I haven’t had a cheeseburger in forever if I do give in to the Maccas train I tend to go for the Chicken and Mayo burger. Though that is probably less effective being yelled from a moving vehicle.


31 thoughts on “Free The Cheeseburgers

  1. Oh gosh what a horrible thing to say 😦 I have friends who are vegans/vegetarians/organic freaks, they often make me feel uncomfortable about my eating habits. We can only live our own life!

  2. Some people are douchebags, they just can’t be helped. Having a larger-than-average ass myself, I hear you. I had a rather rude exchange of my own at Maccas the other day – I was filling my mum in on how my daughter was going after surgery and the man at the table next to us stood up loudly and rudely and complained ‘I’m trying to eat!’ Except he wasn’t. He was reading the paper. And it’s Maccas, you don’t exactly go there for the atmosphere and fine cuisine. As he stormed off I called out to him using a few unprintables and he turned as if to take the bait then must have thought better of it. Just as well – I’d had 2 hours sleep and was pretty feral…

  3. Haha love your response. One thing I have learned about yobbos who yell stuff out of their ute (it’s always a ute) windows is that it’s never about your size but about them trying to prove their masculinity. My weight has yo-yo’d all over the place over the last 10 years and I have received just as many lewd comments yelled at me when I was thin, as I do now.
    I always feel sorry for must be hard thinking so little of yourself that you need to yell things out of your car window to make yourself feel like a bigger man.

  4. They must have been vegans, surely because nobody in this day and age would be that cruel..(she says half sarcastically, half totally naively hopeful that they were radical vegans)
    Love your sense of humor!

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