At First Sight Listmania #42

So here it is again Listmania and we’re up to List #42. Todays topics Things you can’t tell by looking at me.

  • I once was ballet obsessed and thought dancing would be my life and career….to this day I’m still a bit of a snob about ballet…..sickled feet and bad turn out drive me crazy.
  • I used to be competitive in swimming and won silver medals at state when I was 16. I also taught learn to swim for free for 4 years and then did it as a paying job for another 5 years.
  • I HATE the C word have never used it never will.
  • I have OCD when it comes to have clean basins and sinks.
  • My husband also knows not to bother trying to get the coffee table ornaments right I will just redo them.
  • I am incredibly sensitive and take more things to heart than I should.
  • I am a champion of all things movie trivia wise.
  • I am music obsessed but can never name songs released in the last 12 months.
  • I am a noisy sneezer.
  • I am incredibly ticklish
  • I tend to get crushes on old british actors.
  • I do not understand what is so attractive about Channing Tatum but will admit that he is funny in 21 Jump Street but honestly I am more likely to go Jonah Hill that Channing.
  • I have a paralysing fear of slugs and snails.
  • I am terrified of plastic bbq chairs.
  • I have a super memory once I meet you I never forget you but sometimes I will act a little vague cause people find it creepy that you have randomly remembered them.
  • I love writing Lists 🙂

So what are some of the things people can’t tell by looking at you.

Don’t forget to link up below and let me know- ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME 🙂

Also don’t forget Listmania #43 going live on Monday 10th February and the topic is : The Moment/ moments that changed my life.



4 thoughts on “At First Sight Listmania #42

  1. I relate to BBQ chairs except its the canvas ones that scare me. Once my son cut a sneaky gash in the seat of my chair. Not seeing it I sat down and as I did the canvas tore and I fell through the frame, legs up, arms up and unable to free myself . He and his sister sensed this wasn’t a good thing and it took a lot of convincing to get them to rock me onto my side o i could lever myself out. luckily my neighbour heard my carry on and helped. Now to write a list of things you wouldn’t tell about me 🙂

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