Turn the Beat Around

Last year I did the more balanced eating thing and attempted to do the work out thing…every time that I tried to commit to the work out thing however something medically would always come up.

  • A blood clot
  • A chest infection
  • Menorrhagia (just a really sexy medical term for really long ultra heavy periods…I’ve always had it but took the pill up until they found my blood clot so that it wasn’t publicly humiliating until last year)
  • Mumps

This year I feel healthier than I have ever felt and I am 2 weeks into the new exercise regime. I’m working hard, I’m pushing hard, I’m doing that disgusting and sweaty look and I am loving it. Don’t get me wrong I still don’t wanna get off the couch and go to work out but once I’m there my word is STRIVE and I am completely living up to that.

sweaty girl

sweaty girl

I may have also um…cut all my hair off (well as short as my uber thick curls would go) my hair has gone from waist length to this 30’s style bob and I feel so liberated I’ve never had short hair before but this is a new year and a new me (physcially) and all motions are moving forward.

short haired girl

short haired girl

Do you have a word for the year or resolutions? What are they?

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35 thoughts on “Turn the Beat Around

  1. hahaha oh Rach, we both have just pipped in at the end of Jan with our words and aspirations for the new year, pretty much asking the same questions…

    My word(s) – NEW BEGINNINGS, for so MANY reasons!

    i LOVE your short hair! I am in a longggg hair phase at the minute but I LOVE Lyndals new hair and I love yours!

    heres to a year of beautiful locks and NO medical issues! And so much Love and laughter along the way xx

  2. Good on you! Hair looks great too. I also had a crappy health year last year; from Pneumonia to gastro just to finish it off! I bought myself a stepper and have had little time to use it over the holidays. As soon as they are back at school…

  3. And 2014 is a new year 🙂 Your hair looks great on you.That must feel so strange though when you wash your hair after having such long hair .Good luck with your new regime. My new years word is RELAX (cause I’m usually a stress head)

  4. Love love love the new hair! I have always loved your attitude to life and just how positive even your darkest days are, now this hair is matching that attitude xx Just gorgeous x

  5. Your haircut looks awesome! Every couple of years I get sick of mine (it’s thick and there is lots of it) but I always regret it because I’m a tie in a messy bun and go kind of girl! At the moment I am letting the dye grow out so it can be a bit more healthy and it looks atrocious but feels amazing, so I am sticking with it a little bit longer.
    This year my word is organised, which is kind of not working out so well IRL yet but my blog is loving it lol!

  6. you look FAB-U-LOUS! go you with the exercise – i have not been to the gym in forever and plan to ease back once school starts. i need it and must do it – keep going this year – i don’t want to rush you (i lack patience) but am giddy with anticipation for where you will end up on this amazing year ahead xx

  7. Strive is a great word! My word for they year is Patience – so far it’s being tested 🙂 Enjoy your year 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

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