On the Road to Nowhere Listmania #41

So I made this weeks topic Your Top 5 songs for Roadtripping and then I realised how hard it is to limit it to just 5 so here are my almost top 5 ultimate songs for a roadtrip in no particular order:

  • Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve: I’ll be honest maybe because part of it is used when Reese Witherspoon is driving in the hot car at the end of Cruel Intentions and so it is automatically a car song in my mind but this is a good one when the windows are down and the wind is in your hair.
  • Rollercoaster- Red Hot Chilli Peppers: It’s quirky and easy to sing unlike those monster ballads but it’s also fun and allows for optimum sit down dancing. Head bounce dancing is key for a peppy road trip song.
  • Hope I don’t Fall in Love With You- Tom Waits: It’s mellow and lovely, his voice not unlike Bob Dylans allows you to sing along without feeling like you might have a crap voice…plus it’s about taking the journey towards accepting love and hey who hasn’t been there.
  • Jump- Pointer Sisters: Oh please anyone who can listen to this and not want to dance and sing along is a total weirdo.
  • Hotel California- The Eagles: It’s a classic for a reason and one which every person in the car will sing along too.
  • Elton John- any of the following are acceptable : Daniel, Rocketman, Don’t let the sun go down on me, Benny and the Jets, Tiny Dancer and Crocodile Rock….lets be honest anything by Elton is acceptable.
  • Billy Joel: There are heaps that people love and I love them all but the 2 I would be most likely to put on my list would be Vienna (for soulful reflection) or Keeping the Faith (for a bit of fun).
  • What’s Going On- 4 Non Blondes: Mellow and amazing my favourite song maybe of all time 🙂
  • Prisoner of Society- Living End: Sing, shout your heart out this one reminds me of high school anything by Blink 182 or Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis also fall into this group.

So that’s my list kinda I mean there was 30 other songs I could put on it but I needed to stop somewhere……

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you link up- can’t wait to read your lists.

Next Listmania is on January 27th Listmania #42 Things You Can’t Tell By Looking At Me….interpret it however you want, random facts about you, emabarassing moments, secrets, obsessions, hilarity, seriousness whatever you want.




4 thoughts on “On the Road to Nowhere Listmania #41

  1. We were driving around SA and the ipod on Shuffle kept putting “Hope I don’t Fall in Love With You” on about every tow hours for some reason! It was weird – maybe the ipod thinks it’s a good roadtrip song too…

  2. Great list lovely. I had a very hard time coming up with my own list so may have cheated a little. Of course now that I am finished Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway is going round in my head

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