I must Confess 2014

I must confess that this week I am linking up with Ms Mystery Case who is guest hosting this link.

I must confess that this post is going to be very short and honest.

I must confess that I am wearing a new bra today and therefore my breasts look AMAZING. I had forgotten how much slimmer you can look when your breasts are lifted off of your rib cage.

Do you have anything worth confessing today?


9 thoughts on “I must Confess 2014

  1. LOL I do believe the right correctly fitted bra can not only enhance what you’ve got, make you appear slimmer but also takes years off your look. I really need to get some new bras. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Last week I wore a non-nursing bra for the first time since I was pregnant with Miss 18 months and it was amazing, so much support! Which is pretty important when you’re ‘blessed’ with mammaries like mine…

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