Santa Please Stop Here-Listmania #39

Hi Santa,

It’s me Rach you remember? We last spoke 12 months ago.

I know it seems like I only ever write to you when I want something but that’s just because I only ever write to you for presents and wishes hmmmm maybe I should spin this a different way.

How are you doing? How is Mrs Claus going? The elves and the reindeers keeping well? Good Great ok back to my wishlist.

  1. I want GOOD GREAT health for 2014.
  2. I want to continue reaching my goals in terms of fitness and weightloss
  3. I want need to spend some time and money on spoiling myself a little in 2014.
  4. I want a UK christmas next year.
  5. I want to complete a course
  6. I want to complete my childrens book
  7. I want Chris and I to start a family.
  8. A lotto win and a new car would be nice.
  9. Anything disney related
  10. World Peace, a cure for cancer and all things wonderful for everyone I care about.

So fingers crossed some on my list are attainable. I promise to leave you some cookies and the reindeers will get some carrots 🙂

Much Love Rach xxx

Thanks for linking up for your Santa Wishlist don’t forget to link up on 23rd December for the last Listmania of the year…..Listmania #40 New Years Resolutions.



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