Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening? Listmania #38

I am obsessed with Christmas- always have been. I love it and as soon as Halloween is over every year I get excited because I know it is just around the corner hence why I geeked out and made this weeks topic the Top 10 Things You Love/ Hate about Christmas.

So here are mine in no particular order:

  • I love when the Stores are decorated and SANTA is in all the shopping centres 🙂
  • I love driving along and seeing all the houses lit up looking beautiful and joyous and know that because I KNOW my husband and I have seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation I know I will never have a lit up house.
  • I LOVE wrapping presents and remember I’m the youngest of 12 with 18 nephews nieces so I really get to wrap each year.
  • I LOVE asking my nieces and nephews what they are going to ask Santa for each year…not that Christmas is all about presents but for me it is all about magic and you don’t get more magical than a lit up kids eyes talking about Santa.
  • I love getting gifts for those I love and I LOVE the toy sale catalogue when I work out what to layby.
  • I Love that it is socially acceptable to sing christmas carols out loud no matter how bad my voice is.
  • I love decorating the Christmas tree
  • I love seeing all the people I love most and having a drink or a laugh or both
  • Food- enough said
  • I love the spirit of giving and how willing people are to donate to charities

What do I dislike?

  • Being bloated from all the food
  • The extreme Sydney weather…it’s either 40 degrees and you’re melting or it’s like 40 degrees and raining mmm steamy
  • Yeah that’s it.

So look forward to reading your lists and the next listmania will be on December 9 and the topic will be Listmania #39 My Christmas Wishlist.



6 thoughts on “Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening? Listmania #38

  1. I do love decorating the tree – I put on carols and I love seeing all my decorations (and the memories from when I got them – I’m a get them over time person, not mass bought at once for a purpose). I always have loved them – I used to go and help mum and dad decorate their tree when I’d moved out, until fairly recently, infact… (now we just end up with too much on before xmas so it doesn’t happen)

  2. Great list!
    I love Christmas too, though after 8 years in Australia I’m REALLY missing English Christmas. It’s always dark, always cold, you get to wear awesomely bad-taste knitted Christmas jumpers and drink warmed alcoholic beverages, plus I lived in York so the city decorations were just sensational. Beautiful lights adorning thousand year old buildings.
    Aaaaahhhh maaaaaan!
    I’ve bummed myself out now. I’m going to shop online for an awesomely bad-taste Christmas t-shirt.

    (what is this list link thing you’re doing?)

    • My best girlfriend lives 15 minutes out of Chester so I hear you about the English Christmas, who doesn’t love to wear ugly jumpers while drinking warm cider. Luckily we are UK bound for Christmas next year which will be awesome 🙂

      Listmania is something I recently inherited it used to be run by Deb at Home Life Simplified. It’s a fortnightly link up so every second week the list topic is set. The next one is Monday 9/12 and it’s My Christmas Wishlist…that’s your prompt so your list can include anything you like. It’s usually a quick way to make sure you get a blog post out- sometimes the list responses are hilarious and it’s a good opportunity to link up and see blogs you might have missed before 🙂

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