Hey There Georgie Girl

When I was much younger about 18 or so I was working at a nursing home/hostel to earn my way through uni and though I had many different residents that I adored Georgie was special to me, she was one of lifes angels.

How I came to be so close to Georgie was a typical Rach incident my inability to say no to people was something that really shined in this job and often I would go without a lunch break or morning tea because the residents wanted to talk to me and ask me questions. It was flattering that they found me nice and I was normally more than happy to spend time with them but this one particular day I was starving famished I needed to get some food in me before I passed out.

I thought it was smart to avoid the staffroom as residents often walked past it instead I headed for a usually deserted balcony up on the 2nd floor. I took the back stairs and was a mere 5 metres from the promised land when I saw a notorious chatterbox heading my way not even thinking or processing my actions only concentrating on the hunger in my tummy I knocked on the closest residents room and ducked inside.

There she was my Georgie sitting in an armchair book in her hand looking amused with twinkling eyes. “Sorry” she said “Did I accidently press my buzzer?” I stammered trying to think of a feasible reason for my presence and with my mind a complete blank I found myself telling her the truth that I was trying to take my lunch break and was hiding….She laughed long and loud an almost obnoxious laugh for such a quietly spoken woman it was safe to assume that I loved Georgie from the very first minute.

I came to spend 10 minutes in her room every afternoon, I would bring her a cuppa and eat my lunch while we talked and despite the 78 year age gap she became one of my friends, at 96 she was completely self sufficient she took care of herself completely she had her mind her mobility and most importantly her sense of humour, oh she loved to laugh.

Georgie taught me countless lessons. Nanna naps are essential because who can really say no to an extra hour of sleep, make sure when you go out you look your best because you never know who you will run into and it’s better to be 1 minute late than regret not putting on lipstick (I never did see Georgie without a full face of makeup).

She taught me that compliments make the lowest feeling persons day ( a compliment on my rosy cheeks when my chin was spotty with pimples always amazed me and how my hair was so WOW when all i had done was clip a flower next to my bun to make it a bit tidier)and that wealth doesn’t mean snobbery.

But perhaps the greatest of all lessons was that life is supposed to be FUN. I never had a sad moment with Georgie she always made me smile, she would give me lollies on long shifts and say prayers for me during exam time and I so wish that I had a picture of her so her face could make you smile as well.

The last christmas card I got off of Georgie said “Why do you make such fun of me, must be because you know I like it”.

2 days after she gave me that card and the day after her 98th birthday my beautiful friend closed her eyes and went to sleep a nanna nap at 9.30am just like every other day this time she didn’t wake up ….I miss my friend.

I guess the real lesson of Georgie is that we as people need to stop treating age as a death sentence because not all that age are tethered to sad and sorry existences there is hope Georgie remained a true lady and a laugh to the end. So if you find yourself thinking I really don’t wanna get older put on a bright red lipstick and think of a delight called Georgie.

embracing the red lips

embracing the red lips

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25 thoughts on “Hey There Georgie Girl

  1. What a beautiful soul and thank you for reminding me that not everyone who ages gets dementia or has a sad like when they get old and are in a nursing home. I guess we base our assumptions on what we see within our own family. I love the wisdom she gave you and which you have shared with us. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Beautiful story. I recently lost a lovely old friend a little like Georgie, a lady my mother sat next to on a train journey who became like a Grandma to my husband and I. I loved visiting her in her room, listening to her wise words of wisdom. How wonderful is it the way you got to meet Georgie! I imagine she’d love what you have written and the lippy! xxx

  3. My great grandmother, lived to just shy of her 105th birthday. Up until the last year, where she had a fall and broke her hip, she was still the most together person I knew. Could recall the most amazing things and it was just a shame her body, in the end, couldn’t keep up with her mind.

  4. Oh this brought tears to my eyes! What a lovely story, and a lovely relationship to have. I had a very special great aunt growing up, a Catholic nun she was in her 90s and the wildest nun I ever met! She passed away at 98 shortly before I fell pregnant with our youngest, so we named our baby Rosalia after her 🙂

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