A Moment in Time

There are these seconds in our lives where we catch ourselves in perfect moment of happiness.

I’ve had a stressful fortnight…actually a stressful year that started with a blood clot that took 6 months to improve, going off the pill (cause it can cause blood clots) mixed with blood thinners saw my cycle return to the horrendous ways of my early 20’s. I’d rather not go into detail but contemplate the embarrassment that comes whilst wearing 2 Super Pads and still finding the blood rush down your legs while standing at the photocopier in the office. Unfortunately for some women this is normal…for me this is normal.

Then I had a case of a horrendous cough which the doctors thought was whooping cough and quarantined me until the test results came back ….guess what it wasn’t.

Then I got mumps- ironically the year I got healthy with exercise and food is the year my body revolts and decides to go into a spaz of constant illness.

I have been extremely stressed this year….about health and about money (yep no sick leave left) and it was only Friday afternoon that I truly realised that this year is nearly over.

I looked back at pictures of last Christmas and realised how different I look. I took a moment and realised how different I AM.

I have found hope, friendship and encouragement in my writing.

I am 9 kilos off doing my Trash the Dress photo shoot with my pal Sarah.

I have a husband and a dog that love me insanely and the difference between this year and last year is I now know why I am lovable and that I am deserving of love.

I AM going away with Chris at the end of next year and babies will come along  I truly believe this.

See hope is a great and wonderful thing…it allows the positivity to remain in our lives and when we get too dragged down about stress and money hope is the thing that allows us to see the perfect moments that would other wise pass us by.

Tonight Chris came home from work having just worked a 14 hour day. He sat next to me on the 2 seater lounge and cuddled me tight, Molly jumped up on our laps and snuggled in  as well. Me and my family snuggled up tight, no TV, no noise, no words just PERFECTION.

My Family.... nothing better

My Family…. nothing better

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28 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. I love this post. It could have been different (had I written it, there’d be a whole lot of whining). You really have a cheery outlook and that is to be cherished when in the thick of illness. Look forward to seeing those photos from the shoot, so keep up the good work!

  2. Nothing like a family cuddle! Nothing else matters if you have that l love and connection. Loved witnessing your journey this year, the ups and downs. And wishing you all your dreams for the new year and beyond, to come true. xx

  3. I’m sorry to hear of your womanly problems, having been down that path myself. I didn’t realise how anemic I was and how much it was limiting me until recently – I had a hysterectomy last year and now I am realising just how badly it was affecting me! Too soon for you to go down this route if you want a family … I’ve heard that acupuncture can be good for this sort of thing though so might be worth considering?

    2012 was my “annus horibilis” as the Queen once said – I had my op (and nearly died – bad reaction to the General Anaesethic, I lost my job, financial difficulties and a million other things went wrong). Thankfully 2013 has been better – and 2014 will be for you too!!!

    Visiting today from #TeamIBOT xxx

    • Janet thank you so much for your comment- it really means the world. My mum and I were discussing that after I have my kiddies that hysterectomy may be the solution to getting my life back…I haven’t tried accupuncture but will definitely look into it now xxx

  4. It’s been a huge year for you, and I love that you have shared it with us all!
    The best bit, just think about where you will be this time next year? I bet you will feel even better about yourself xx

  5. Can I just say I can not wait for trash the dress?! Sounds awesome. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. You are still smiling though and as you say there’s so much good stuff around the corner for you xx

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