My Brown Eyed Girl

There was this girl in my youth club when I was growing up she just always seemed so undeniably cool. She wore Doc Marten boots and a Mr Men skirt and in the midst of the 90’s alternative scene there was nobody cooler.

When I was 10 she was the older kid who danced with us at a disco making sure we had fun, when I was 12 she taught me how to swim Butterfly in the diving pool and when I was 15 she became my friend.

I was nearly 15 when we moved out of the area that I had grown up in but having worked hard and finding my place I did not want to change from the Swimming Club I was part of. That meant when I had swimming carnivals I had 2 choices. 1. Catching the train home very late at night cold and wet or 2. Staying at someones house for the night (I should explain we did not own a car).

The cool girls mum who is also the nicest person on the planet volunteered their place and the first night that I stayed there the cool girl hence forth known as Shula (cause that’s her name) came home from a night of drinking and dancing with a few friends and for lack of other beds she climbed in next to me and spooned me for warmth.

She went from being one of my friends to my surrogate big sister and one of the best friends I have ever had (and still have). There was no topic that was sacred and I feel bad for her mum having walked in on us talking about poop more than once.

the day after i got married

the day after i got married

She taught me about having my heart broken (always keep 1 photo of the person because they taught you something), she taught me about sex (it’s about being comfortable enough with someone to tell them when something isn’t working for you) and she taught me how to make frozen pizza taste even better (extra cheese and mushrooms).

She moved to North Wales when I was 18 but not before she taught me about drunk dancing, how to get drunk and walk home and how to have an awesome disco in your bedroom.

tree decorating

Lately I have been missing her so much and seeing her every few years just doesn’t seem enough- maybe because I would have been seeing her in a matter of weeks were it not for the stupid clot in my leg.

So my Shula girl resides on the other side of the world but has never failed to be there when I have needed her, a phone call, a plane trip, a skype session away. She always seem to know the words that make me feel better and her family have become my second family.

She is effervescent, the woman who lights up the world with kindness and laughter and constant chatter. She is loyal, beautiful and hilarious, an amazing mother, wife and friend but she’s more than that she’s FAMILY.

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23 thoughts on “My Brown Eyed Girl

  1. Gorgeous words for a friend. I have a bestie on the other side of the world too and it hurts to have her so far away. But I feel lucky we are in a time that i can communicate with her instantly via email, text or phone and it makes us seem so so far apart 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

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