What’s Going On?

I Must Confess I’m not always a huge fan of change. I must also confess that this week I have seen lots of change some that I am really happy about and some that I’m not. I have spent a lot of time this past week discussing resilience with my clients and now it is time that I put my own resilience into place and move forward.

I must confess that I am constantly reminding people of their worth and value but sometimes I forget my own.

I must confess that I am always happy for my friends and family when I see that they are expecting but that a little part of me is also a little bit jealous- even though we’re not trying and I think the jealousy is because I’m a bit afraid we won’t be able to have children.

I must confess that I know that the tone of this post is a little depressing I’ll apologise but I’m having one of those “sad” days. You know a day when you just want cry and you’re not sure why. I must also confess that the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth is not helping this want to cry feeling.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. Sending big hugs your way lovely. Sometimes it’s so easy to give out advice but then not take it on board ourselves. In situations like that I try to remind myself of the oxygen mask in the airplane analogy. We can’t help anyone else if we are struggling for air, so sometimes we need to stop and put our oxygen mask on before reaching out to help other people, because we are no help to anyone if we are burnt out. I hope you are feeling better soon xx

  2. We all have those days Rae, it is hard to be happy for others sometimes when they are living the life you want so bad (i.e. Kids) Maybe curl up with a movie, some choccies and wine and have a cry anyway. Big hugs. Hope tomorrow is better for you. x

  3. I’m a big fan of having a good sob now and then. I think it’s necessary for the soul, and if no one’s around to see you do it, there’s no one to judge you either. Take Lisa’s advice above.

    By the way, before we started trying for kids, I was convinced it would be tough for me to fall pregnant too. That’s because I have vulvadynia, one of those weird conditions that I rarely talk about because nobody knows what it is and there’s no known ‘cure’ as such so I just get depressed talking about it. Anyway… my point is, don’t despair yet. The human body is wonderfully resilient. Big hugs x

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