It’s a Monster Mash

Happy Friday Sunshines- how we all doing? We all ready for another round of things I know?

I know that I have had an amazing week at work. Without going into too much detail this involved me training my clients to use their strengths which in return made me use my strengths.

I know that I am someone who appreciates seeing other people do well – this is one of my strengths and so I am looking into getting some certificates so that I can do a role which allows me to use this strength more and more often.

I know that it is coming up to Halloween and I LOVE Halloween so much that Chris and I had a Halloween themed engagement party .

I know that Molly has decided that there is no better person that her mum since we got back from Melbourne and has licked me so much that I may have changed the Lyrics to Avril Lavignes “Complicated” to “Molly why you have to make things so lickinated”. Ridiculous I know but hey Chris found it hilarious.

I know that I am so glad it is friday cause even though it’s been an awesome week I am exhausted.

So Happy Friday- Happy almost weekend and let me know what you know this friday.

Snow White and Edward Scissorhands

Snow White and Edward Scissorhands

This is Chris' favourite pic of us....sick sick man

This is Chris’ favourite pic of us….sick sick man


Linking up with the lovely Rhianna from A Parenting Life for Things I Know


2 thoughts on “It’s a Monster Mash

  1. hahaha your face in that last photo is hilarious. I can understand why it is his favourite! So wonderful that you know your strengths and working out how to use them more often. You are full of awesome, thanks for joining in with the fun off #thingsiknow

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