We Didn’t Start the Fire

I know that I write this after a night of the worst bushfires that NSW has seen in a decade.

I know that as I write this several people I love and care about have homes in danger zones.

I know that the air is currently so thick with the smoke that a haze seems to have settled over the Sydney skyline. Making it difficult to see and difficult to breathe.

I know that I am overwhelmed with the emotion and affection that I hold for the firies and the volunteer firies who must be so exhausted and still they carry on.

I know that I hope that this all settles down- we all know that this is part of Australian Summer but um it’s not even Summer yet heck it’s not even November.

I know that the last 24 hours just reiterate my belief that are lives can change with every breath we take.

I know that I hope that this is the last of it for bushfire season.

What do you know this Friday?

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16 thoughts on “We Didn’t Start the Fire

  1. I know that we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, I know that I am blessed and my children are blessed not to have asthma, I pray my sisters are ok and my friends that i also class as sista’s are ready to move if the fire gets to close. I pray for lots of rain… I pray that the reserve across the road from us doesn’t burn this year… I know that I am blessed and I know I will not tat this for granted… Xxx

  2. It’s so shocking. I can’t believe how quickly it all starts. Please Govt, make Fire & Emergency services a funding priority.

  3. I know that I find fire horrifyingly scary. I know I have put a media black out on because I can too easily get caught up. Silly emotional heart. How I hope and pray that everyone stays safe.
    Thanks for joining in the #thingsiknow fun again

  4. I have a friend who thankfully evacuated and had her 3 boys with her, but her daughter was stuck at work and didn’t get out til much later. I know I am thankful they are all safe, but I know they are worried about their house, which they don’t know if it is standing or not đŸ˜¦ Thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE affected, and definitely with the truly heroic firefighters. xo

  5. My thoughts were (and still are) with these people last night when I wrote my blog post about the menace which is the fire monter. It not only strikes hard but can attack with little warning.we can neve be too prepared for bushfires. I know what it’s like to have to decide what’s important to take with you for evacuation. I guess that’s even considered lucky since some don’t even get the luxury of that time to gather things. They are only things though , life isth important thing to escape with. Wishing everyone a safe weekend.

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