All That You Did Was Love

Back then I didn’t know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love

As most of you sunshines know I went on a road trip to see my mum last week- it was incredible. I told her about my blog- I hadn’t before then I was worried she would find it silly or time wasting but she just loved that I was writing again. So for this my 100th blog (never thought I would get here) I thought it was right to honour the woman who gave me life and then let me live it.

A few years ago I gave my mother a book for her birthday called Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble. I had read it and identified with a character and the mother daughter relationships. As someone with a lot of daughters (8) I thought my mum would love it as well. She did (of course she did it’s beautiful go out and read it if you haven’t already) and when I was down there she returned it to me because she’s moving and because she wanted me to keep something that was special between us.

In the book there are letters written to each of the daughters and so I thought that I would do my own spin on that and be the daughter who writes to her mother instead, here goes.

Dear Mumma,

Β As I look back on these past 31 years that we have had each other I have realised that you have mostly been right about things in general. I say mostly because you haven’t ALWAYS been right but I guess I would like to apologise to you for the following things that I thought you were wrong about but time has shown me the truth.

  • Friends are not true friends if they can’t understand that your pensioner mother can’t afford name brand clothing or for me to be able to go out everyday.
  • Rolling my school skirt up did make it look tacky and it wasn’t flattering….even if all my friends did it.
  • You’re right it is annoying when all the towels seem to be missing and then they need washing and then it rains and they take forever to dry….I blame the fact that I was a teenager…Chris has no excuse.
  • Everything does have it’s place and no the front hallway is not the place for it….I recognise that you were well within your rights to throw my stuff over the fence into the neighbours yard and the embarassment I felt was my own fault.
  • That boy/friend really wasn’t worth my tears, nor was the next or the next.
  • Life isn’t about being the best it’s about trying your best.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a real woman. A woman who has a voice and an opinion and has passion. Thank you for teaching me to love and be loved. Thank you for leading by example and showing me strength and perseverance.

Thank you for teaching me that you should never put a cabbage patch doll in the washing machine.

Thank you for teaching me that one should never try to make nachos in the microwave…who knew corn chips could go that black?

Thank you for teaching me that Gone With the Wind is the best movie to watch while ironing clothes.

Thank you for teaching me that being house proud has nothing to do with having amazing things and while we’re at it thank you for installing the survivor gene in me you have made me intrepid in so many areas of my life.

Thank you for my eyes that are the same colour as yours and can never hide what I’m truly thinking.

Lastly thank you for the most amazing weekend with you- words will never explain how nice it was to just be with you and relax.

Love You forever and a day,

Rach xxx

mumma and rach

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43 thoughts on “All That You Did Was Love

  1. Gorgeous (and still full of homour – that is one of your special talents!) What a gift betwenn mother and daughter xx deb

  2. That was really nice Rachel I hope your mum does get to read this she is truly blessed……and it just proves one thing (I would like you to tell Jennifer this lol) that mothers are always right …..need I say more . Love the photo of you and your mum xxx

  3. Such a beautiful, beautiful post. What an incredible woman your mother is and what an incredible woman you are – I especially love the note about not putting a cabbage patch doll in the washing machine – there is so much to learn just from that little sentiment xx

    • lol she makes me laugh. When I was 8 I saved up all my money to buy my cabbage patch a beautiful pink and silver tutu.My mum felt bad that the doll was grubby and the dress was new so she tried to clean her……needless to say I got a new cabbage patch for my 9th birthday. I also have started collecting the vintage ones as an adult just held a sentimental moment ever since she pulled a head and a ball of fluff out of the washing machine xx

  4. Mum has taught me that “Gone with the wind is an excellent for anything”…. She has also taught me that if I hang my wash well, then I won’t need to iron it… She has also taught me the use of blackmail to get the boys to clean up their toys… But the best thing she taught us is that she has enough love for all 12 of her children…xxxx
    P.S I will remember the cabbage patch rule when I need to wash Iyla’s…

  5. Aww bless. What a beautiful post and beautiful picture! I’m curious though, what happens when you put a cabbage patch doll in the washing machine? Oh, and trust me you can make nachos in the microwave, it’s just a really fine art πŸ˜‰

    • my cabbage patch came out as a head and the body was a ball of fluff 😦 The time she tried to make nachos in the microwave I think she had pressed the wrong button and they were in there not for very long but came out completely blackened and burnt lol xxx

  6. That’s a great blog, the relationship between a daughter & her mother is such a special thing. It can be easy to take your mother for granted & after reading this i’ll be giving my own mum a big hug when I see her next πŸ™‚

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