Friday on my Mind

So here it is another friday another round of Things I Know with the gorgeous Rhianna at A Parenting Life.

I know that I used to think there was something wrong with Mondays because I could never stick to a diet I started on a Monday. Now I know there is something wrong with diets it’s all about healthy balanced eating.

I know that I have only seen the first episode of this seasons American Horror Story and I am already hooked….creepy and amazing show.

I know that I really wanna cut my hair into a funky bob and make it really blonde, I also know that I am really scared about doing this in case it looks awful.

I know that there are few things as cute as my 3 year old niece telling me in a video that she wuvs me and the dress that I got her for christmas….with an extra big I wuv it at the end. I know that I made pretty much every person I work with watch said video because she is just so adorable.

I know that I had the most incredible time at my mums place and that I am so glad and grateful that I got the time away to be with her.

I know that the week the bills come is always the week when the dog needs to go to the vet.

I know that I am soo much happier than I thought it was possible to be and that everyday I seem to get happier. Yes there are bad things god knows I have had my share of grief, loss and sadness but life for the most part is good and I for the most part am happy šŸ™‚

I know that I believe in Kharma what you give is what you get returned. I also know I shouldn’t quote Savage Garden Songs.

What do you know this Friday?



7 thoughts on “Friday on my Mind

  1. I know that I really look forward to your posts and you have inspired me to eat healthily rather than diet ….I’ve noticed the difference already and I know that my husband loves me unconditionally so thank you pretty lady ( saw your latest photo WOW) you are truly amazing xx

  2. I know that you are a lovely friend and I also know that as a lovely friend you will help me sort out my WordPress app… I somehow have started following ALOT of random blogs and I don’t know how and it takes me forever to find your blogs!

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