Road Tripping

Today I write to you all from my mums gorgeous little town of Koo Wee Rup in Victoria for this weeks edition of things I know.

I know that there is nothing like seeing your mum when you haven’t seen her since Christmas, being able to enjoy her company and have her tell you she can see how much weight you have lost.

I know that there are few people I would really want to be in a car with for 10 hours and Chris is definitely one of them….such an awesome driver and he lets me choose what we watch on the car DVD player. I know that I may have chosen to watch Glee Season 2 and thanks to the beautiful Aroha at Coloursofsunset we also watched some Dexter Season 1.

I know I definitely needed justΒ  a few days away from my life to relax and enjoy without unlimited broadband or foxtel on tv.

I know that I expected Molly to be sad at being left at someone elses house for a few days and I also know that the reality was she didn’t really mind. I also know that I left her in really good hands.

I know that I finally have cheekbones without having to use bronzer to get them and I know I have included a photo below so that you are all able to see that.



Linking up with the lovely Rhianna at a Parenting Life for things I know.


16 thoughts on “Road Tripping

  1. I know that this is a beautiful post. Mothers really are wonderful, regardless of your age aren’t they?
    I know that those photos are just gorgeous and thanks for sharing.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful weekend

  2. Enjoy your weekend. Loving your cheekbones, I had hayfever yesterday and rubbed my eyes and now I have a delightful puffy head complete with blackish eye!! No cheekbones in sight!!

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