Shake it Up Baby Now- Things I Know

Today I woke up with a rare feeling. A feeling that I absolutely wanted to make a hundred percent effort with what I wore to work. I was feeling very Peggy Lipton, very Twiggy…yes I was feeling very 60’s.

So I type this wearing Icy eye shadow which I quite like and a neutral pink lipstick (hmmm I really am a bold lip kind of girl). I’m wearing the White Polka Dot Swing Dress that I fell in love with when I saw it on ASOS Curve (in no way endorsed I’m just really plus sized guys so few places make awesome plus size clothes). I’m wearing my cute purple flats and am writing this quickly while I’m on my lunchbreak.

Things I know this friday:

I know that I LOVE 60’s music especially the Beatles.

I know that I am LOVING my eye shadow today- hurrah for the 60’s makeup.

I know that when wearing a style of dress I am not used to I should wait for a work day when Lyndal is here . Why? Because I KNOW that she will tell me if a swing dress on me is cute or looks like a MUU MUU (or Homers fat man dress when he became too fat to work).

I know that I love cute shoes especially flats but I also KNOW that I shouldn’t take shoes off under my desk if they are hurting my feet cause I will not want to put them back on.

What do you know this Friday?

Linking up with the lovely Rhianna from A Parenting Life for Things I Know.


8 thoughts on “Shake it Up Baby Now- Things I Know

  1. I’m sure you looked amazing in what you are wearing today. I am glad that I can walk around most of the day with no shoes on because nobody here cares whether I have my shoes on or not. Given I wear thongs most days it really doesn’t matter too much anyway !!!!
    Have a great weekend !

  2. It is nice to make an extra effort once in a while isn’t it? I bet you look great! And yes, shoes seem to hurt 10000 x more when you try to put them back on after taking them off! Have a great weekend xo

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