Rachel it’s your Birthday, Happy birthday Rachel

Today on this my 31st birthday I am linking up with Things I Know for the first time and it seems fitting that my things that I know today are birthday related…..

  • I know that some people are ok with ageing and others not so much. I see it as a privilege to get to grow older however the ladies I work with informed me I have to feel this way because I am only 31.
  • I know that I will always love the cards I get a little more than the present and in the interest of full disclosure and honesty I always turn over the card and see how much it costs. Don’t judge I don’t know why I do this but have done it since I was old enough to know how to read……I don’t compare numbers or anything I think it’s just curiousity at how much things cost. I can’t believe I just admitted that I am embarassment and a half right now.
  • I know that I still get excited for birthdays like I did when I was 5….not just my birthday but everyones birthday Lyndal will vouch for the fact I am always more excited for her birthday than she is.
  • I know that I expected to be a mum by this birthday but I also know that I am now content with the fact that I’m not. My timeΒ  will hopefully come and at the moment I’m excited about getting healthier and a belated honeymoon with the hubby next year.
  • The last thing I know about birthdays and this is important……. calories do not exist on your birthday……knowing this I still chose to snack on celery and almonds today how lame am I?

What do you know about birthdays?

Linking up with the incredible Rhianna from A Parenting Life for Things I Know


18 thoughts on “Rachel it’s your Birthday, Happy birthday Rachel

  1. Happy birthday to you !!!!!
    A turned 50 on Wednesday so yes, you are ONLY 31 !!! LOL Having said that I am within spitting distance of 50 and to be honest, to me it’s just a number and certainly not how old I feel !!!!
    Have the best birthday – we are having his party tomorrow night so lots of laughs and lots of drinking !!

  2. LOL I know I sang that opening line in a mock-Michael Jackson/Bart Simpson voice!
    Happy Birthday! I know my thoughts don’t match my birth-age and that’s okay… people have been saying I’m immature since I was 3 yrs old! Right now ‘immature’ is just what I like.

  3. Hope you have fandabbydozy day and good for you having a healthy snack I know if it was me I would be having the forbidden snacks lol. Xx

  4. You are, and it’s the most beautiful thing… I’m always so touched by how much you love to celebrate others and just love on them. Hope you had the best most magical day xxx

  5. I know the reason why you check the cards… It’s a Dad thing, he would never buy cheap cards and would always check the price…. Calories don’t count on your sister’s birthday either ,so lucky for us we have 7 birthdays throughout the year…8 when you count your own… Also when I turned 31 I was so wanting a baby… I yearned for it so much and thought it would never happen, but when I was 32 I became a mummy for the 1st time, same with Jen, Happy birthday you are in my thoughts constantly and in my heart forever xxxx

  6. I know that I was so pleased to have you come and join in.
    I know that I was so excited I even tried to leave a comment from my phone, because I was out, even though I know it never works. Needless to say it didn’t.
    I know that I hope you had a super happy birthday, filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.
    I know I love birthdays too, mmmm cake

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