You Put The Lime in the Coconut and Drink it all Up- Listmania #34

This week for Listmania we are listing our favourite recipes but I have decided to be a Maverick (just go with it) and rather than do my favourite recipes I thought I could do my favourite recipes for DISASTER.

  1. Anytime I have been wearing a white top and thought mmm actually pasta would be delicious right now….why do I never spill on black tops?
  2. Anytime you feel like your shoes are too tight before you go out but you’re sure they will loosen up….if you’re going to ignore your instincts you may as well pack band aids and your “good” thongs just in case.
  3. Anytime I have ever thought I’ll have time for that in the morning….no I won’t inevitably morning with come and I will choose…sleep.
  4. Anytime I have ever thought pfft I’ll clean the house tomorrow…danger danger Will Robinson this is a guaranteed way to ensure you have unexpected visitors. Contrary wise a clean house means nobody will just pop by.
  5. I know it will take me more than 5 minutes to do my face so anytime I push my getting ready time back and back it is a sure fire path to being late.

When you have inevitably put yourself in the recipe for disaster situation do the following. Ice in a glass, shot of vodka, soda water to the brim of the glass, squeeze of lime and a straw……guaranteed to refresh and prepare you for future disasters.

Linking up with the gorgeous Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania #34



7 thoughts on “You Put The Lime in the Coconut and Drink it all Up- Listmania #34

  1. I love your maverick style – awesomeness 100%.
    LMAO at the sauce and white top – they are magnets for spills and stains – a conspiracy for sure! – deb xx

  2. Oh haha the white shirt vs spillage factor. Miss E flung her spaghetti at me on Saturday while we were at lunch. Yep, I was in a white shirt. Also, I always manage to end up eating laksa when I’m wearing white. What is with that?!

  3. LOL all definite recipes for disasters that are tried and true for this girl!! Now to keep a bottle of vodka on hand for those moments I slip up…. 🙂

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