Here Comes the Sun- Conversations with Spring

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

The sunshine yellow of the daffodils gleam against their green stems amongst the soil and the rockeries in the front garden of the old fibro home.

She remembers sitting on those rocks smelling those daffodils in her pink tracksuit golden mullet glistening in the sun, the outfit and the hairdo a reminder that the 80’s were not kind to anyone fashion wise. She looks up at the camera pointed toward her and smiles as she is told and click the photo is taken. Her older sister sulking in her orange netball skirt will always remember that day as the day her team lost the grand final but the golden haired girl remembers the daffodils, the early spring sunshine and the man taking the photo.

amongst the golden daffodils

amongst the golden daffodils

Three years later that golden mullet has grown out and the golden haired girl sits at the dining room table mouth wide open as her nephew only 2  years younger than herself sits yelling about how he refuses to eat the disgusting dinner and that he wants a hamburger. She watches her mother normally the calm parent get redder and redder in the face. Her tired mother who worked all day and came home to find no dinner cooked and has now cooked for an additional 5 people watches as her brother in law says “no worries we’ll get you a hamburger baby” and stands up and yells “ENOUGH” she grabs her smokes and goes out the front to water the garden. The girl finishes her dinner and excuses herself from the table. She goes out the front and sits on the same rock and watches her mother hose the roses and the daffodils in the dusk of the spring day. Her mother looks at her and smiles acknowledging the unspoken support that her daughter offers.

Two years later the golden haired girl is trapped in a house of sadness and flowers and the lingering smell of them dying . She opens her bedroom window and leans out into the spring evening breeze, her mothers daffodils blooming for the last time this season. She lays down and goes to sleep and for the only time in her short life she isn’t excited for her birthday the next day. She wakes up in the early morning Spring sunshine and finds an envelope on her bedside table……”Follow the yellow brick road” it says. She gets out of bed and there is a trail of yellow sticky tape which she follows uncovering her presents as she goes. The day she so dreaded started amazing and only got better ending with chocolate cake in her brand new 90210 tshirt.

She celebrates her birthday in the spring sunshine every year and the daffodils are always there, in amongst the rockeries, in the garden, in a vase or in the tattoo that adorns her wrist when she is older. They symbolise hope and that’s what Spring brings….Sunshine…..Regeneration…….Blossoming……Hope.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Linking up with the incredible Josefa at Always Josefa for Conversations over Coffee


15 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun- Conversations with Spring

  1. Oh Rach what a heart breaking and heart warming post all in one!! I was following along so excited to see what would happen next. I love daffodils, so much. The symbolise so many things to me. I love that you have a tattoo of them. So….I’m guessing a birthday is coming up soon? Thank you for linking up your beautiful post to #convcoffee ~ Josefa

  2. Absolutely beautiful Rachel! I am always looking forward to reading your posts and feel like I know you so well through them. Beautiful!

    I have some daffodils in my garden that pop up just at the last cold days of winter come. They truly are beautiful and a ray of sunshine and hope.

  3. It’s me the girl in the orange skirt.. You have lifted me up tonight when I was feeling sad and alone, funny a house of people and I feel alone, lonely and missing my blood family, people who shared my happiness and pain, the joy of a huge family, the pain of not dancing with my dad at my wedding, seeing our babes born , thank you for helping me through today .. Love you with all of my heart Always xxx

  4. Such a wonderful post Rach. Beautifully described sunlit memories, tinged with sadness but filled with hope. I love the way you write (and I love that song.)

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