King of Wishful Thinking- Listmania # 32

Firstly apologies for missing last weeks Listmania….I had the worlds worst toothache and since it was the only week I have missed I hope I can be forgiven :).

This weeks Listmania is Wish Lists….hmmm difficult to know where to start needless to say that the list could be substantial…

  • I wish I could take a tablet and be at a healthy weight (yes I know I have learnt so much on this journey but it’s HARD work and every now and then I wish here was an easy way out).
  • I would love enough money to pay all the bills with no stress and still have savings and go on holidays.
  • I wish that Chris and I can go to Europe and the UK next year well actually I know that we will get there enjoy a honeymoon FINALLY before we have babies.
  • I am sure you all know that my biggest wish is to have BABIES…
  • I wish that Disneyland was in Sydney cause I would love to be able to go to that place all the time especially with a disney addiction like mine.
  • I wish that all houses had an automated clean button cause somedays I really cannot be bothered keeping a clean house.
  • I wish there was a way we could teach dogs to speak english cause I speak to Molly way too much to not have her be able to talk back to me.
  • I wish I had the magical powers of Sabrina so that if my hair got frizzy all it would take is one zap of the finger for it to get all neat and gorgeous again.


  • I wish that there was no more cancer or debilitating illnesses and world peace 🙂

Linking up with the gorgeous Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania


One thought on “King of Wishful Thinking- Listmania # 32

  1. Glad you are feeling better hon. No apologies as well when you are not here – you are where you need to be xx

    love your list and wish i could make them come true. I also could use the dog translation to english thing – i talk and cuddle with evie all day lol -deb xx

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