A Stitch in Time

Do you ever have those moments in your life when it feels like everything is finally coming together and that the pieces have fallen into place just to be blind sighted when somebody says something that you don’t know how to take.

It’s been a long 6 months, I’ve started exercise, changed my eating and for the most part given up non diet soft drink (this is huge for nothing tastes like real coke lol). I have come to the realisation that I am not now nor will I ever be one of those people who says “wow now that I have blah blah without sugar I can’t imagine ever having it with again”. Nup not me I love sugar and junk food and I probably always will but I know now that I don’t NEED to eat those things everyday to feel happy. I have learnt to move again and learnt how good it feels to eat things that nourish my body and give me energy.

I’ve started dropping weight (though am under no delusions that I still need to lose a significant amount more), dropped a size and am well on my way to achieving my healthy life healthy body goals. So I felt a little unbalanced when 3 people in 2 days told me I should just get a gastric sleeve surgery.

To be fair 2 of the people who told me to have it have had it themselves and were both about my size beforehand and have both subsequently lost 50 kilos in 6 months I understand their enthusiasm but surgery just seems so drastic….ok truthfully I may have previously been a little judgemental towards people who had weightloss surgery, I viewed it as people taking the “easy” way out.

To explain plainly gastric sleeve surgery is when 2 thirds of your stomach is removed thus limiting the amount of food you can eat. It is irreversible and means being vigilent about nutrition due to the limited amount of food you can eat. Yes I know all this and I was naive enough to think that this was an “EASY” way out?

I have dedicated lots of time to thinking about this the last couple of days do I stick with what I’m doing or do I go with the surgical option? Either way is hard and either way is filled with judgement and opinions from people who don’t know what it’s like to live my life and so I have decided this. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing because it works and I am damn proud of myself and my effort so far but I will also make an appointment with my doctor and ask him his medical opinion on this surgery and whether medically it would be better for me.

There is no easy way out but I let myself get to this stage so whichever path I choose I promise to remain dedicated to my lifestyle changes and more importantly remain honest about the path that I have chosen.

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28 thoughts on “A Stitch in Time

  1. Is that the same as lap band surgery? Gosh, it’s a tough decision. Whatever you decide it will be right for you. You have the right attitude and that’s what counts.

  2. That is a tough decision. I know you will stay in your doctor’s care and together you will do what is right for your health. Changing lifestyle is the hardest thing but it brings the biggest rewards. Thinking of you X

  3. I think if things are working for you with what you’re doing, stick with it, because i’ve heard some horror stories from having gastric / lapband surgeries. I don’t think surgery is “the easy way out” I think it’s a last ditch desperate move for people who haven’t been able to shift weight any other way. having to monitor what you eat, only eating liquids some times, more times than not bringing back up what you just ate…that is not easy. and it also doesn’t give you the post work out endorphins/high that you get from exercise, or the accomplishment you feel from seeing the weight drop. Keep doing what you ar doing Rach. You’re doing amazing!! xo Aroha

  4. I know my view of the world is skewed because of the nature of my work, however I do personally know a lady who had gastric bypass surgery & has lost over 100kg. She has had phenomenal success but it has come at a price, she’s constantly in and out of hospital for repeat operations to remove surgical adhesions, exploratory scopes to see why she’s still having pain, keyhole exploratory surgery to check on things, then she’s had her hips replaced because of her previous weight wearing her joints out. Think carefully, see the doctor for sure, but I think you’re doing a truly wonderful thing by changing your lifestyle. Also lap banding… I’m not a fan. A lot of weight loss is your psychological well being too. I see you now blossoming back into the confident, happy Rach I’ve always known. It’s not fake confidence to pretend to be happy, it’s real, beautiful confidence & happiness as a result of your hard work xx

  5. Keep going hon. Things have shifted for you and that is important. I don’t think surgery is the easy way out, I do think it is the risky way though. Surgery should always be a last resort because it brings along risks that are not present in your life already. Big hugs and strength to you lovely. You are doing fab xxxx

    • Deb you are the best cheerleader you know that right….surgery is definitely a last resort and now that I have written it I have realised it isn’t what I want not for now anyways…I know I have long ways and lots of hard work to go but I can do it and I will do it πŸ™‚

  6. One of my former work colleagues had lapband surgery. For weeks after she came back to work she could only eat a tiny bit, and could easily choke to death on bread or anything like that. She taught us that if this happened, a bit of Coke helped clear the blockage? The surgery definitely helped her lose about 30 kg but then a year or two later she went on an overseas trip and had the band removed – and lo and behold now she is heavier than she ever was before.

    And surgery always comes with risk – I had a hysterectomy last year and had a bad reaction to the anaesethic and nearly didn’t make it. So I wouldn’t be rushing in. Sounds like you’re doing wonderfully well on your own!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT xxx

  7. I would say keep going as you are, you are seeing results and best of all you know that all the loss is from your own dedication and hard work. Had you been doing this for years and still not losing any weight then surgery would be something worth looking into. You are doing the right thing by looking into all your options. Good luck with whichever approach you choose.

    Visiting from into πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Erin πŸ™‚ I agree I think I might have gotten a little swept away with the people being so in my face about having the surgery. I’m going to keep the faith and stay with what is working for me and what I’m actually enjoying xx

  8. You know I’ve written and interviewed lots of people who have had this and needed it, they were also given Medicare because they were classed as obese. However, I think you are doing a great job the old fashioned way, and hang in there but if it’s something you want to consider here is a link to a site I’ve worked with. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with helping things along, and it’s not as though it solves everything, you will still have to have a great diet and exercise, like you already do, in fact they also have nutrition courses, anyhow, just wanted to say I support whatever you do – and it’s all about what YOU want, not what others think anyhow xx Em http://www.wlsa.com.au/

  9. The surgery is a huge step. I’m so glad you are taking a balanced cautioned approach to it. You are doing an awesome job in getting healthier, becoming more fit and finding that balance that works for your happiness. Wherever this path takes you, I know you are going to be just awesome x

  10. You won’t see me quitting sugar any time soon! I think you’re keeping yourself accountable, and that’s always going to make a massive difference. Good luck!

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