Who Let The Dogs Out

When are they going to wake up?

I thump my tail on the carpet and scratch at the door just a little and then I listen. . . . Nup nothing, I head back to the couch to wait patiently. I climb up on the recliner rotate in a small circle rest my head on my paws and chew on my favourite care bear.

Sleep is starting to take over when I hear it the gentle tugging of their bedroom door “MUMMY”. She walks down the hall to that room with the flushy thing and sits down I rest my head on her knees and look up at her because I am sure she has missed me just as desperately as I have missed her while we have been sleeping. “Hi Baby” she says to me I’m fairly certain that my name is Molly but I like this baby word cause mummy usually only says Molly when she thinks I’m being naughty.

I leave mummy alone in the flushy room and realise that the bedroom door is still open “DADDDDDDDY” I run as fast as I can and jump up to give daddy good morning kisses through the blanket I need to go to the bathroom and so I keep walking up and down his sleeping lump until he gets up to take me for a walk…VICTORY.

We head out in the sun to the duck pond I opt for no leash, daddy disagrees with me (I cannot imagine why), I chase the ducks so they know who’s boss and then spend the rest of the walk hiding behind daddy from the terrifying monster known as the chihuahua. I’m sure one day they will eat me.

We get back to the house and mummy is eating breakfast I sit at her feet staring at her sending her telepathic messages to give me the milk from her cereal. SUCCESS mmm milky success.

Full tummy, freshly walked mmm I climb up onto Mummys leg and then tummy, chest and then head and I sit on the very top of her chair in the sunlight and slowly doze of ahhh this is the life.

molly with carbear


<it makes sense right that my first guest blogger would be my pugalier Molly right….just thought sometimes a little bit of silly is good for IBOT with Essentially Jess>


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