Toy Sale Madness- Listmania #28

I sit and wait for it every year I am infact so addicted that my sister sends me a text message to let me know when it goes live online…..the Big W toy sale catalogue. I spend hours upon hours pouring over it working out what to get each nephew and niece, the joy of having 17 to buy for. The joy of $30 presents that look like they cost $70. Once the pouring has stopped the list starts and is written to include birthday presents and contingency presents incase Big W has sold out of whatever it is I want and the spare present list for the last minute christmas party invites where the party throwers have kiddies. Lets not forget the wish tree presents. There are few things more fun than the Toy sale layby lists every year 🙂

Unless it’s the things I should buy to make my house look prettier list which should never ever be made when looking at the Down The Little Lane website lol and should be reserved when Target has homeware sales.

The less fun list is the Spring cleaning list……surely this is everyones least favourite list.

I make wish lists on websites for clothes….for me….for the fella….for me when I have a non plus sized body.

I make grocery lists of course again shopping for mega bargains while I do.

I make lists of top 5 movies for each certain specific category lists.

I make christmas card lists which never get followed up with actual christmas cards.

I make lists of all the incredible places in the world that I want to travel to including Belarus- why you ask because you never hear anyone say they just came back from Belarus.

So Happy Monday and go join in on the Listmania fun over at Home Life Simplified…this week it’s lists of lists 🙂



4 thoughts on “Toy Sale Madness- Listmania #28

  1. i love that yo9u have movie top 5lists by category – want to see those sometime.

    also laughing my ass off at your belarus reasoning

  2. Haha I love your toy sale list – this year was the first year I didn’t go overboard because last year I had to return half the things I lay-by’d as my son changed his mind!

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