Bound for Botany Bay – Conversations Over Coffee

The sun beats down warm making the little girls ponytail gleam like gold in the sunlight. She sits on a bench next to her father a larger frame man with a Magnum PI mustache and as they sit and watch the planes take off he tells her about how the first fleet came to Australia and landed where they were sitting. He tells her about the convicts and the Aborigines and even though the little girl has learnt some of this at school from her teachers she likes hearing her father tell her about this. Even though she’s only 8 years old she knows what Cancer means and she knows how sick her father is her parents have been very open and honest with her about it not to scare her but to prepare her and so she treasures these moments waterside with her father.

When she is 26 the little girl (now a woman) starts dating the man who will become her husband. 6 months into their relationship they are driving back from dropping friends off at the airport and discussing their favourite places in the world and the woman tells her fella about the times that her father used to take her to Botany Bay when she was little and that she thinks that that would have to be her ultimate favourite place. Without a word the fella steers the car to that side of Sydney and he buys fish and chips for them for lunch while they sit on that same bench, eating, occasionally touching hands and watching the planes take off.

bbay1bbay2On their first anniversary after a beautiful dinner the fella takes her to her favourite place it is a rainy winter night, the fella looks disappointed the girl being who she is kicks off her heels, grabs an umbrella and runs out onto the boardwalk barefoot in a dress that she borrowed from a friend. The fella follows he plays a song on his phone they dance in the rain, they kiss and completely content the woman looks out across the water when she looks back the fella is down on one knee and holding his mothers ring. What comes next is tears and kisses and an endless supply of giddy giggling.

after saying yes

after saying yes


The woman has seen many of the cities that the world has to offer she loves them and cherishes her memories in them but Sydney aww that’s special it’s where her life started, it’s where her childhood was, it’s where she became a woman, where she fell in love and where she got married. It’s where her and the fella will start their family. It’s her past, her present and her future and that in itself makes it an extraordinary city.


Linking up with the lovely Josefa at Always Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee


14 thoughts on “Bound for Botany Bay – Conversations Over Coffee

  1. Oh what a wonderful and beautiful story!! My hubby proposed to me on the edge of the Yarra river, right in the middle of Southbank, virtually right in the middle of Melbourne, there is something about that moment that locks you in forever. Thank you for linking up such precious memories for #convocoffee Josefa

  2. First of all. Hang onto that fella! Hang on to him!

    Secondly, I was there in every scene. It is wonderful that one special place can have all these wonderful moments and memories. And I imagine, many more to come. I cannot wait for the next instalment, when you include the next generation in your special spot and the next and the next! Beautiful Rach.

  3. Seriously, I had goose bumps the whole way while I was reading your post. What else to say other than just beautiful. I wish you all the best for the future and may Sydney witness all the amazing moments in your life.

  4. What a wonderful story, and a keeper of a fella you’ve got there. I love a romantic man! Beautiful memories to have of a great Sydney icon.

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