A Rose by Any Other Name- Listmania #27

Famously Shakespeare once said “what’s in a name?” that along with this weeks topic for Listmania have got me thinking how much our name determines who we are or who we should be.

The fella and I are in that stage of our relationship where we are openly planning and preparing to take that next step into parenthood. Naming our children even hypothetically has proven to be one of (but certainly not the most) fun part of this next step. It turns out that we are incredibly sentimental that every name upon our list seems to reflect somebody we know or have known who has for whatever reason had a profound influence on our lives.

For girls we like the following :

  • Charlotte Ray – Named after Chris’s mum who passed away when he was 10 and Ray after my father who passed away when i was 9.
  • Susannah Grace – I once taught swimming to the most gorgeous little girl who called me squishy her name was Susannah and Grace was my first grade teacher who was beautiful and could sing and who I was in absolute awe of.
  • Audrey Rose – Audrey Hepburn has long been my homegirl and Audrey also happens to be the name of Chris’s grandma and Rose because Chris just likes the sound of it.
  • Eleanor May – Never did I have a more profound teacher than the one I had for third grade she’s a true example of a lady, kindness and intelligence personified. May just because it seems to go with our last name and when I suggested Maeve the husband said blargh.
  • Georgie Ann – When i was working in aged care I made the most incredible friend she was 96 she could dress herself make her own bed and never went a day without lipstick, Georgie is a name that makes me smile for those very reasons. The name Ann as a middle name represents a lovely lady in the lives of both Chris and I shes like a mother to us both.

Boys names have proved exceptionally difficult due to the excessive number of nephews that I have and also due to the fact that all our friends seem to be having sons. For boys names we like:

  • Harry James – This is a name that goes exceptionally well with our last name James also happens to be my father in laws middle name. I would like to take credit for this being a thoughtful decision but the truth is it’s after Harry Potter shhhh don’t tell anybody.
  • Alexander – The great lol this was a name the hubby really likes and one that I find strong and being an aussie girl I like to shorten names and this one is easy to that to.
  • Patrick/Andrew/Peter – These are my brothers middle names and it would be nice to include them somehow because I already have nephews named after them. My other brothers middle name happens to be Chris and the hubby does not want to name a son after him.
  • Xavier – Hubby is obsessed with X-Men and I collect cabbage patch dolls so Xavier was bound to make the list.

So they’re our names I wonder how many of them will come into play when we are pregnant I guess that’s when I will really see what’s in a name.


Linking up with the gorgeous Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania


6 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name- Listmania #27

  1. OMG without even the amazing stories behind them i love all of your girls names – the names and combos are beautiful!

    and i did not realise that Chris also lost a parent young – so sorry ! I imagine it helps to have someone who knows what you went through on some level. xxxxx

    • Thanks Deb here’s hoping I get to have at least 1 girl so that I get to use at least one of them…..it’s how we first became friends way back in high school everyone was complaining about their parents their mums in particular and I said to him how I really loved my mum and had no issues and maybe it was because I didn’t have a dad and that’s when he told me about his mum….our parents passed away within 6 months of each other his mum was 41 and my dad 43 both far too young both taken by the worst of the c words Cancer. Sad but how lucky that it brought us together even if it was just as friends at first xxx

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