A Letter to A Duchess

To Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (is it ok if I call you Kate- I promise to not refer to you as WaityKatie- oops),

As I write this letter to you you are currently in labour delivering the future sovereign of my nation and also yours (I guess technically all the nations in the commonwealth are yours or will be but you know what I mean) and I figure that this is a great time to present a few ideas to you given that you are either completely distracted by the pain you are currently in or may even be under the influence of drugs – hey no judgement :).

  • Rachel is a different but also amazingly traditional name and very well suited to a Princess incase you are pondering a name that isn’t on the previous Queens of Britain list.
  • If you need an Australian best friend I am quite the candidate I don’t wanna toot my own horn but I am a great friend, loyal and a great listener not to mention I am awesome at trivia and I make an awesome Chocolate Ripple Cake…..I know I know right now you are wishing you were able to hop onto a plane but it’s ok I will make it when you’re next down here to hang out or to you know be on a “Royal” tour.
  • Looking for a Godmother for your soon to be born baby (just have it already I’m like geeky excited) I know some would say pick your sister or somebody “royal” but I am an awesome aunty and godmother and amazingly discreet (well except for this very public post) incase you’re interested 🙂 .

So look consider everything I’ve put forward goodluck with the whole pushing a baby out of you while the whole world is watching thing.

Your new bestie,


see how well we walk together? And well it has to be said my body is looking rocking here

see how well we walk together? And well it has to be said my body is looking rocking here

Linking up with some silliness this Tuesday with Essentially Jess for IBOT


22 thoughts on “A Letter to A Duchess

    • they could spark a trend…. I have a sister whose name is Kellie which is also a boys name and also a sister called Robin….boys name too so I say lets start the trend there should be more Rachels I say xx

  1. Lol. Great pic. She’s be crazy not to take you up on your friend offer. If I could choose a royal mate though, I’d choose Harry. He’d be awesome fun!

  2. I’m sure Kate has bookmarked your post to come back to once she recovers from the royal birth 😉 It’s a boy though – is there a male version of the name Rachel? haha Min xo

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