A to Z of me- Listmania #26

Anxious, Big- hearted, Cute and Devoted

easter rach

Empathetic, Fearful, Groovy and Happy

hazza pozza

Intelligent, Jealous, Kind and Loving

rach eyes

Moralistic, Neurotic, Optimistic and Passionate

teabag rach

Quirky, Ridiculous, Sincere and Trustworthy

heart glasses

Unique, Vivacious, Wishful and Xcentric (yes I know it starts with e but spelling it with X just makes me more Xcentric)

top hat

Yielding, Zest

Linking up with The Gorgeous Deb from Home Life Simplified for Listmania


6 thoughts on “A to Z of me- Listmania #26

  1. love yours – laughing at the fact that everyone took it as another a to z of me when it was wide open – love your take on it though as usual – hope you are well – now i am sick lol hate winter – even in queensland bugs go around

    • I still have a niggling cough but am for the most part much better, sorry to hear that you’re not well sunshine am sending you hugs and sunshine and plenty of lemsip and sleep those last 2 can cure anything I am sure of it lol xxx

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