There’s No Place Like Home- Listmania #25

I remember being little and reading Hansel and Gretel thinking that the Witches house made of biscuits and sweets would be the most incredible house to live in. It was my dream house after all who wouldn’t want a house made out of deliciousness? Um a grown up that’s who for starters there would be excessive temptation to innumerable calories, the chocolate would melt in sunlight and can you imagine the ants?

When I was 19 and a uni student I was working at an inner Sydney aged care facility they called me in on my day off to play chaperone on a lunch excursion for a group of residents. On the way back the bus driver took our group through some beautiful streets for an arvo drive and there it was the most gorgeous house I had ever seen. It was in Hunters Hills Sydney located on the water, it had a wrap around porch and even a tire swing in the front yard. I expressed in my youth and naivety that this was my dream house…the driver very quickly informed me that dreams were expensive and that this particular dream would cost at least 2 million dollars.

This is my dream house still there still gorgeous

This is my dream house still there still gorgeous

So you know what my house would look like on the outside but what would it be like on the inside?

Well for starters that wrap around porch would have the most incredible porch swing on it.

my incredible porch swing

my incredible porch swing

I would spend my summers swimming in my incredible pool and teaching my nephews and nieces and hopefully my children how to swim in said pool.

lets go swimming

lets go swimming

I would love a big bright kitchen that the family could all hang out in.

brightkitchenThe bathtub is ultra important as well…. being plus sized means baths can be um a tight fit or not as comfortable so I may as well get an ultra awesome bathtub after all I’m not paying for this…

future bathtubI asked hubby what he would want in our dream home and was suprised when it wasn’t a man cave or super playstation playing room or the ultimate garage. Chris requested that our dream home have a home theatre with its own candy bar.

movie roommovie theatre candy barLinking up with the beautiful Deb for Listmania #25 My Dream House

Please note all images were found on Pinterest I own none of them 🙂


8 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home- Listmania #25

  1. Ohhhhh rach…. I love your dream house…. One day I will pull out my dream house scrapbook and show you mine… Or better still I will pull it out and update it, Pinterest has shown me so many things I never knew I wanted, or needed, before!!! I will continue to try to remember to buy lotto tickets so I have enough to help my friends dreams come true. My only added dream is that we all live close 🙂

  2. I’d love a home with a wrap around porch as well ! We are looking to move onto acerage and that is one thing that I would love to have – be able to sit on the veranda and look over empty paddocks and see greenery / trees and space !!
    Have the best day !

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