I’ve Had The Time of My Life- Listmania #24

I love films. Infact I will go further than that I am a total film junkie. There is nothing I love more on a rainy afternoon than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a good film. Popcorn and maltesers are a good side (and if you are totally gross like me you mix the maltesers and popcorn together for a salty chocolatey treat).

So what do I choose to watch on a rainy afternoon well the choices are amazing and also diverse:

The Old Faithful- Dirty Dancing:

How this film would fail to make anyones list is beyond me. The first time I saw it was with my sisters when I was 5 or 6 – I know kinda young but all I noticed was the dancing. It went on to be a staple in our house. We all know it word from word and text messages like “I carried a watermelon” are not unheard of. It is comfortable and familiar like your favourite pair of pyjamas- which I would totally be wearing on a rainy afternoon.

The Classic- Roman Holiday:

Breakfast at Tiffanys is my all time favourite movie but there is something so charming and romantic about Audrey Hepburn in her very first film. The magic of her mixed with the charm of Gregory Peck and the pure beauty of Rome make this movie a gorgeous way to spend 2 hours and if black and white films don’t do it for you please still give this one a chance you won’t be disappointed.

The Family Film- Lilo and Stitch:

I LOVE this film. I love Disney like really love disney but there is just something about this movie that speaks to me …maybe because I have always felt different and like I didn’t really fit in. It makes me laugh and makes me cry and it’s kid friendly which means I can convince my nephews and nieces that I am making a sacrifice by “letting” them watch this movie when really I am doing myself a favour.

The Serious Film- Shawshank Redemption:

A tale of good and bad. Of prejudice and friendship. Of hope and never giving up. This is a film everyone should see in their lifetime. It is certainly not child friendly but I believe it’s a film that can change your outlook on things. It would have to be one of my all time favourites.

The Black Comedy- Mean Girls and Heathers

I love BOTH of these films cannot possibly pick between them this is your rainy day double feature. Start with Heathers for the classic insults such as “What did you have a brain tumour for breakfast” and then follow it up with the new millenium version of the cool girls film with insults such as “Stop trying to make fetch happen it’s not going to happen”.

The Scary Film- Final Destination (series)

I love scary movies but I cannot watch them by myself and I am completely a fraidy cat when it comes to them but it just seems like such a waste when you have a good stormy day and don’t watch a scary movie so the Final Destination films are good for me….they are more gore and cheese than horror or frightfulness. If you had not watched The Strangers and like me you are a fraidy cat do not under any circumstances watch it….truly scared the hell out of me…just thinking about it makes my blood go cold.

That’s my list of Rainy afternoon films, I’m guest hosting Listmania for Deb this week so be sure to link up for Listmania #24- Favourite movies to watch on Rainy Days.

Listmania is back home at Deb’s Home Life Simplified for next week so get your posts ready for Listmania #25 List the Features/ Details of Your Dream Home .

Linkup for Listmania #24

Note: for some reason no matter what Rach or deb do the link up will not work here. How about just for this week you leave rach a comment below and drop your blog post link in that space so other people can see your post. Seeing as it is pouring in Brisbane I would love to see your rainy day lists – deb xxx


12 thoughts on “I’ve Had The Time of My Life- Listmania #24

  1. Yep gotta love Dirty Dancing! It was my Mother in Law’s favourite so hubby has a soft spot for it too! I don’t tend to watch movies over and over.

  2. Ahhhh!! I don’t know how Listmania got away from me last week! (Actually I do, it was a national holiday on Monday and this week was our first week of real summer weather) I have a handful of favourite movies and am patiently waiting for lots of free time to expand my repertoire!! I cannot pass up an opportunity to watch “So I Married an Axe Murderer”, well just the first half, so incredibly funny. I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, The classic Pink Panther movies and have very recently fallen in love with Lost in Translation. I love the sounds of the movies on your list…adding them to my must watch list (I do love Dirty Dancing, but haven’t seen any of the other ones!) Have a great week! xx

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