Doctor Doctor Give me the News

So as most of you know I have had a massive blood clot in my left leg for the last 6 months. This has meant pain and swelling and a thousand other restrictions. Painful injections twice a day and fear of what could possibly happen if that clot approached a valve.

I met with my surgeon again the other day and he told me a few things.

The clot is finally breaking down and I don’t have to have surgery. Yayyyy.

The pain will get less the more it breaks down and the more weight I lose. Yayyyyy.

The news was not all great however.

I have a blood disorder. I will get clots for the rest of my life. BOOOOOO.

I have to take aspirin (half strength) everyday for the rest of my life. BOOOOOO.

If I have to take any kind of hormone replacement to assist in falling pregnant I can couple that with having to take clexane and wearing support stockings. BOOOOO.

This will probably have to happen during my actual pregnancies as well (but um who would complain if they get to have the gift of a baby). YAYYYYY.

So now I can move forward and put this behind me for now at least. I have to keep taking care of myself. I have to keep losing weight and getting healthy but I was going to do that before falling pregnant anyways.

blog motivation

I can travel again (carefully) YAYYYYY.

I can look forward to starting a family with my husband. YAYYYY.

I can look forward to freedom cause if a blood clot can’t hold me back nothing else will.

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24 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor Give me the News

  1. To be honest, I see that as all good news! Anything surmountable, medically, is good news. They can usually fix anything. It’s the “you can’t”, “It will never” and anything in “Stage 2” (whatever number) – that is bad news.
    Good for you, good attitude and “I can travel again (carefully) YAYYYYY.” Get planning!!!!!

  2. YAYAYA for all of this babe!!! taking half strength aspirin isnt all that bad, the perfect blood/clot thinner! Just dont go getting any tattoos, else the blood with flowwwww!
    So happy that everything is looking UP UP UP!


  3. Hooray!!! That’s awesome news!!
    My dad is on clexane for the rest of his life, as is my aunt. I had the blood test to check my blood but found nothing conclusive so that’s good. Hopefully it breaks up super quickly for you now 🙂

  4. Great news that you got answers and solutions so you can mount your goal attack based on all the facts. And hey, on the plus side, an aspirin a day is sure to counteract any headache you may ever get!!

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