Almost Famous – Listmania 23

My experience with celebrities has been I’ll admit minimal….a youth spent with a bit of a swimming obsession and then working as a swimming instructor meant that I met a lot of olympic swimmers but I guess they aren’t what I would call celebrities.

The same could be said for my obsession with comedy and the comedians I have met because of it. I realise now I should totally have written my post before reading everyone elses. Afterall how does one compare performing at a Debutante ball and having Kate Ritchie in the audience to having run into Patrick Dempsey (OH MY GOD) or Pierce Brosnan (ER Meh Gerd).

I once had Wendy Matthews run into me physically at the Arias- she said she was sorry and I was all wow until my best friend had to ask me who she was. Celebrity FAIL.

I taught swimming to the children of a Prime Ministerial Candidate.He was a candidate renown for his temper however the person that I encountered was very friendly and smiley who had amazingly well behaved children and appeared to be an incredible dad.The man of course was Mark Latham

When I was 14 I was doing a workshop at a dance studio in Sydney when a man walked into the room and my breath caught in my chest. He was my hero and is so incredibly talented. One of the best choreographers in the world and so much shorter in real life. He sat and watched the class for about 5 minutes then nodded his head and said very good and left. I could not believe it. The man was David Atkins

Lastly when I was 13 I was performing at a big event in Sydney and one of the girls who was performing as well was obsessed with this boy band and was too scared to ask for an autograph. Me not knowing who they were walked right up and knocked on their dressing room door and asked them all to sign a copy of the program of the show that we were all in which they did and were really nice about it. The next year when I did know just who they were I couldn’t believe just how fearless I had been. The band was Human Nature

So that’s it for my celebrity experiences I’m afraid unless of course we count the fact that I was engaged to Prince William before Kate……wait that did really happen didn’t it?

Linking up with Bethslist who is guest hosting Listmania this week.

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11 thoughts on “Almost Famous – Listmania 23

  1. I would happily give you my Dempsey moment – was totally wasted on me. I only mention it to excuse our idiotic behaviour in the restaurant…and the best celeb moments are when you don’t know who they are, as it means you throw them a bit…heehee.

  2. I have no ‘bumps’ with celebrities – not even minor ones although reading Lydia’s comment, I’m thinking I have had heaps and heaps but I just didn’t know who they were !!!
    Have the best week and get your travel plans happening !

  3. Love it, Rachel! I love hearing stories of people who babysit or teach children of well known parents, to have that glimpse into the private lives of public people can be so interesting in a “things aren’t always as they seem” kind of way. And seeing some of your heroes from your passion activities is so fun! See you next week!!

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