On this perfect day, Nothing’s standing in my way Listmania # 22

My perfect day hmmmm in my life I have had 2 perfect days. The first was in Sydney on my 20th birthday and the second was in London with my then best friend when I was 25. I think either could be days that other people may just see as one of those everyday days maybe that’s what makes perfect days so perfect.

My new perfect day starts with waking up fairly early after an awesome nights sleep.

Relaxing for a while in a hot bath (obviously not mine cause it is tiny) with a good book just soaking while hubby is still asleep.

Take my time getting dressed in something comfortable but trendy and then take the hubby out for breakky at our fav cafe.

Then we go for a drive down to kangaroo valley where we went on our first date. We have lunch at the pub and drive up to the lookout taking photos and enjoying the view.

We drive back through Kiama stopping off at the blow hole and the lighthouse sitting on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.

A late afternoon movie and a light dinner and then off to bed for snuggles oops I mean sleep.

Even thinking of it now big smile on my face totally blissful, my totally perfect day.

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8 thoughts on “On this perfect day, Nothing’s standing in my way Listmania # 22

  1. Sounds awesome…I had to look up all the places you mentioned and they look so neat!! (And I totally love the idea of having a snooze on the car ride home after a great day) šŸ™‚

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