I Got The Music in Me- Listmania #21

I am a lover of music as is evident I guess by the fact that nearly all of my posts are named for a song title or song lyrics but the truth is very rarely lately have I had the funds to go and see anyone in concert that I would like to see.

The first concert I ever went to was a John Farnham concert (no groans ladies it was actually FABULOUS) I had gotten my sister the ticket as  birthday pressie and she asked me to go with her I was 16 and excited about the concept of being in the city at night time. I was so certain that the concert was going to be a bore after all it was John Farnham…… 5 minutes in I was beside myself in laughter and singing along. The next time he toured which ironically was called the last time I was there begging my sister to come with me.

My first big music festival was Rumba I was 18 and wore pigtails and a glitter singlet top. I danced with my best friend and his boyfriend for 8 hours straight and sitting at Lidcombe train station at 1 in the morning realised that we were hungry cause we hadn’t eaten all day. We saw boy groups and Paul Mac and Nelly Furtado and screamed it wasn’t me with Shaggy (cringing a little right now). God that was a great day 🙂

I saw Kylie with my bestie I wasn’t a real fan before the concert but the girl entertains, my favourite part was when she lost music for 5 minutes and they told her to fill. Pink who I wasn’t a fan of before but who I LOVE now (she is THAT good in concert) and the ultimate in entertainment Mr Robbie Williams he was the bomb.com, well worth every penny and it has to be said he was totally sex on legs.

The worst? Beyonce. I mean the lady is an awesome singer and dancer but when we saw her she didn’t personalise it at all. I could have watched a dvd and seen the same thing for a fraction of the price.

Who do I really wanna see this year? Well I was bummed that I missed Billy Joel. I really wanna see Taylor Swift and I am into the idea of seeing Bon Jovi but to be totally honest I don’t know if that is for the music or the hotness so might just keep that one on the downlow for now.

But lets be honest as great as concerts are and performers are I don’t think any of them really compare to me, a hair brush and Music Max Channels top 50 songs of the 80’s and 90’s.

Linking up with Deb for Listmania cause that’s what makes Mondays Mondays.



4 thoughts on “I Got The Music in Me- Listmania #21

  1. Omg we were at the same place at the same time! I was at RUMBA ! I mention in my post that I worked in radio (austereo) and we worked and attended both the triple m concert/ festival and the one put on by 2day fm. That’s why nelly furtado made my list!! Deb xx

  2. Well then… where can I download a ‘Rachel’ concert… upload to YouTube please… and thank you! Been trying to remember Nelly all week! Finally can rest.

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